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Passing the driving test and getting your driver’s licence brings an amazing sense of freedom.

At Trent Driving School, we are dedicated to helping you start driving on your Ps and get your freedom.

We have an amazingly effective training program that ensures you will be a safe driver.

Safe drivers pass, however, not all P platers that pass the driving test are safe. Just look at the crash statistics for newly licensed drivers.

At Trent, your preparation for the driving test will be second to none.

The areas we focus on are

  • Speed management
  • Traffic skills
  • Vision and decision making
  • Manoeuvres
  • Mindset and stress management
  • Vehicle and logbook preparation

In addition to the topics covered in our Driver Training Course, we have also developed our own test and routes called the Trent On Road Test.

The TORT and the routes are far more difficult than the actual test. This will ensure that you are ready. Test day nerves mean that you won’t drive your best during the test. Ensuring the highest standard before you sit the driving test means you will still pass with the normal test day nerves.

What will I be tested on: WHAT’S IN A DRIVING TEST

Whose car should I use?

A lot can go wrong on test day. We recommend taking advantage of a ‘Trent Concierge’ on test day.Your Trent trainer will take care of all the hassles that may arise. We will:

  • Book the test for you
  • Design a warm up session
  • Grab the best starting location
  • Prepare all the forms and your logbook
  • Help you through the start and feedback stage of the test
  • Drive you home at the end

Book with Trent today and start preparing to pass first go.

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Want the best chance at driving test success?

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