NSW Safer Drivers Course – FAQs

How do I book?

What do I need before I book into the course?

  • Hold a NSW learners licence
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 actual logbook hours. (Hours must be real driving hours and not 3 for 1 bonus hours)
  • Be under 25

What will I receive after the course?

  • 20 hours entered into your log book

How much does it cost?

  • $140 (Heavily subsidised by Transport NSW)

Can I do the course in a manual car?

  • We only offer this course in automatic cars due to the advanced driving locations used. If someone is not 100% confident with the controls of the car it can be dangerous.

Is this course a driving lesson?

  • No, not really. You will learn advanced skills for perceiving hazards and responding to them. It is not a lesson on car control.
  • To see our types of driving lessons, please click here
  • To book a lesson with our professional driver trainers, please click here

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