September 2014 | LTrent

Keys2Drive – free driving lesson!

Ltrent supports the Keys2Drive program. Keys2Drive is a federally funded initiative by the Australian Automobile Association and their aim is to provide a free driving lesson to every learner driver in Australia. When you have a free Keys2Drive lesson, why not have it with the best? The Keys2Drive session involves the learner and the supervising driver in the car with the driver trainer.
What you have to do:

  • Follow the steps below and get your Keys2Drive code
  • Ring the Ltrent office and make a booking
  • Make sure that mum or dad are available on the day of the lesson, without them, the lesson cannot proceed

Message for parents
As your child reaches licencing age, it is vitally important that you are in close contact with their driver trainer.  Keys2Drive is a great way to begin this relationship. At Ltrent, we understand that teaching your child to drive can be a stressful time we are here to help you through the learning process.

1. Register on the keys 2 drive website

2. Login and Get your code

3. Call the TDS office on (02) 8748 4500 to book your lesson