March 2015 | LTrent

L Trent Safety tip – Be Seen in Traffic

Be Seen in Traffic
It is important that others are aware of you. Don’t drive where you are not visible to others (e.g. in blind spots, by ignoring block-outs).
Make sure others have time to see you. All movements should be commenced early and performed methodically.
The primary method of being seen is by stop and turn signals.

  • By eye contact you know whether you have been seen. Is that driver or pedestrian looking at you?
  • Attract attention, if necessary flash the headlights, tap the horn (develop a gentle tap on the horn).
  • When other drivers, through courtesy or to improve traffic flow, let you through or into the traffic line, acknowledge their actions. Give them a wave or nod in appreciation.
  • Although another driver may call on you, the decision to proceed safely is entirely yours.