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Keys2Drive – free driving lesson!

Keys 2 Drive

Ltrent supports the Keys2Drive programme
Keys2Drive is a federally funded initiative the Australian Automobile Association and their aim is to provide a free driving lesson to every learner driver in Australia. When you have a free Keys2Drive lesson, why not have it with the best? The Keys2Drive session involves the learner and the supervising driver in the car with the driver trainer.
What you have to do:

  • Follow the steps below and get your Keys2Drive code
  • Ring the Ltrent office and make a booking
  • Make sure that mum or dad are available on the day of the lesson, without them the lesson cannot proceed

Message for parents
As your child reaches licencing age, it is vitally important that you are in close contact with their driver trainer.  Keys2Drive is a great way to begin this relationship. At Ltrent, we understand that teaching your child to drive can be a stressful time we are here to help you through the learning process.

1. Register on the keys 2 drive website

2. Login and Get your code

3. Call the TDS office on (02) 8748 4500 to book your lesson

B Street Smart 2014

B Street Smart (previously known as The Youth and Road Trauma Forum) is the inspiring initiative of the Trauma service in Westmead Hospital. It is now going into its 9th year and is Australia’s largest educational event on road safety.
The purpose of B Street Smart is to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people by promoting safe behaviours as drivers, riders and passengers.
This years event is being held over three days from Tuesday 19th August to Thursday 21st August and will see around 86,000 students come through its doors.
The event is free to all schools and is currently fully booked for this year, but if you or your school are interested in booking for next year, go to the B Street Smart website for more information.

Road Safety

Back when I was a child, the RMS (back then known as the RTA) had a safety campaign running called “Click, clack, front and back”.

The campaign was not only aimed at adults, but at children as well, telling them all about the risks associated with not wearing a seatbelt. I remember having a colouring book and there was even a little song on cassette tap that I remember listening to. You can check out the old ad here.

The ads are run a little differently now, however the aim is always the same; to promote safe driving and awareness.

Transport for NSW have a program called “Safety Town”. This is aimed at families and also schools. It’s important to get these safety messages through at a young age in the hope that it makes a difference for when the children are older.

Have a look at their road safety website and share with any young people in your family. The website in the link has a lot of wonderful information, so have a scroll through their page.

Lane filtering for motorcyclists

As of the 1st July 2014, there have been changes made to lane filtering for motorcycles.
You may not have heard of the term lane filtering, but guaranteed you will have seen it at some point while driving on a multi-laned road.
Lane filtering is when a motorcylist moves alongside vehicles that have stopped or are moving slowly. This used to be an illegal practice on NSW roads, however now is legal (under strict conditions) .
Click here to see what the latest rule changes are and to see an example video.

Trent Driving School has turned 45!

ImageIsn’t it amazing how quickly the years go by? It constantly seems like we get past Christmas and then the next thing we know, it’s Easter and then Christmas has rolled around again.
Trent Driving school has been around for 45 years this month. Our company started out in 1969 as a family owned business with just the one Driver Trainer, 45 years later, we are still a family owned company (by that same family!), but we now have 73 Driver Trainers who service the Sydney, Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Central Coast areas.
It’s been an amazing journey. We started out doing solely driving lessons and have progressed over the years and are now RMS accredited providers of the Safer Drivers course, we do school presentations, older driver assessments and we create new Driver Trainers with providing our Cert IV course in Driving Instruction. There are many more exciting ventures coming up. Mum’s the word at moment, but stay tuned!
Now even though it is Trent Driving Schools 45th birthday, we want to give you guys a special birthday present! For the month of June, your next lesson (or your first if you are new to us) will have a $20 discount, so that’s only $60 for your next lesson* (woohoo!).
To take advantage of this awesome offer, please go to our website to book online, or you can give us a call on (02) 8748 4500.
Here’s to another successful 45 years!

* Terms and Conditions

Interesting Ads about driving

Police and transport agencies are always trying to think of new and interesting ways to inform people about the dangers associated with driving. There are some serious and also light-hearted ad campaigns highlighting the dangers of drink driving, speeding, fatigue and texting while driving.
Below is a video sent out by WA Police, involving Lego. While it’s a cute animation with a bit of humour, it still manages to send it’s message across. Take a look a video and let us know what you think.


The New Zealand Transport Agency make some really powerful ads.
Hopefully this ad will do the rounds and make people think twice about speeding.
Remember; there is no such thing as “safe speeding”.

Driver Fatigue

Did you know that Driver Fatigue is one of the 3 big killers on NSW roads?

Click this link to test your tired self.

School Zones

One thing I notice as I drop my daughter to school, is the amount of drivers who don’t obey the school zone road rules. All it takes is one child to run on the road or cross a driveway and a tragedy can happen.
There is also some confusion as to when exactly school zones apply, especially when it comes to school holidays and pupil free days.
Have a watch of the one minute video which will explain the road rules for school zones.

The power of YouTube with younger drivers

Sadly, the NSW road toll is sitting at 70 so far this year. The same time last year, the road toll was 53, so it’s distressing to see that the number is climbing.
There are many programs being run by the government to try and minimise the amount of deaths on our roads, so it’s no wonder that governments are resorting to channels such as YouTube to try and connect with the younger drivers out there.
Below is an example of a YouTube video which was run by the New Zealand transport agency. While it’s not Australian, it was definitely popular here and did the rounds on facebook for a while.
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