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How Many Driving Lessons Are Required By Law

How Many Driving Lessons Are Required By Law | LTrent Driving School

There are a number of driving lessons and driving hours that you’ll need before you’re able to get enough practical driving experience to take your driving test.

In fact, research has shown that learner drivers who have more supervised experience reduce crash risk by upwards of 30% during their first two years of solo driving!

The learner driver log book is necessary to log your hours of supervised driving in order for you to obtain your driver’s licence. You need to log at least 120 hours of supervised driving over 12 months. This includes a minimum of 20 hours of night driving before you are able to take the test.

However, you may be exempt if you are 25 years or older, have previously held a NSW or interstate drivers licence. Additionally, if you’ve previously held an overseas licence or are specifically exempted by Roads and Maritime Services, you won’t need to adhere to the specified hours of supervised driving.

You can use a practice drives planner to help plan your on-road driving experiences. Your driving school may have these licences, but you can also download them and print them out so you have a reminder of the dates and times of your practice drives.

These planners can also be used to ensure that you’re getting experience driving with a variety of roads and at different traffic and weather times. Be sure to plan night drives once you’re comfortable with daytime driving in order to complete your driver training.

Professional Driving Lessons

Note that one hour of driving lessons with an instructor is worth three hours. For every one hour of driving lessons you complete with a licenced driving instructor, you can record 3 hours in your log book. However, a maximum of 10 hours recorded as 30 hours will be accepted.

This doesn’t mean that you must take a driving lesson with an instructor, or that you must stop having lessons once you’ve reached your limit!

Test Day Ready

Before your test day, learner drivers need to complete at least one lesson with a professional driving instructor that has a driving instructor licence. This lesson will help you work on things like reverse parking and three-point turns. Additionally, your supervising driver will help you boost your driving skills and understand the requirements for medical fitness to drive, road rules, and general road safety measures that should be taken to encourage safe driving.

With LTrent, you can also complete a Trent On Road Test, otherwise known as TORT. This is a practice driving test that’ll take you around your test centre. Your driving instructor will take you around your test centre, and will let you know if you would have failed or passed the test.

Additionally, your instructor will help you understand any improvements that can be made before you take the actual test.

Once your instructor knows that you’re ready to take the driving test, LTrent can help book your test for you. If you’d rather book the test yourself, you can book online or simply call the testing centre.

On your test day, LTrent will pick you up from your home and will do a quick warm up lesson to help you ease any nerves you may have. You’ll be taken to the testing centre, and your instructor will help you with your forms and log book.

If you need a car to use for the test, we’ll also be able to provide you with one. Finally, your instructor will help you through the starting and feedback portions of the test before driving you home.

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