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Instant Fail Driving Mistakes


Your driving test can be quite exciting – yet can also be quite stressful. There are a number of instant fail driving mistakes as you take the test, so you’ll want to be on your guard when it comes to best driving practices as you navigate the test.

Before your test, it’s important to take a deep breath, relax, and remember your driving lessons. You’ve gone through the lessons, and you know the rules of the road! Simply focus on doing your best, and your chances of making a mistake will be far fewer.

If you’re curious about the kinds of critical errors that can instantly fail learner drivers, it can also be a good idea to learn exactly what to avoid in order to give yourself a better chance of success with your test.

One important thing to do is to get familiar with the route that you’re likely to be taking during your test. Try going on supervised drives around the driving centre at which your test will be held, and get used to things like the speed limit and any other specific signs along the side of the road that must be upheld in this area.

Whether or not the testing area is near your driving school, it can be a good idea to take an excursion to the roads that you will most likely be brought to by your testing officer. This can help limit the variables that you’re not sure of before you take the test.

Once you’re in the car on your test day, it’s important yet again to remind yourself to stay calm. You already know the ins and outs of the road – all you have to do is prove it!

Be sure to do a head check that you check your blind spots and using your practical driving techniques throughout the ride to ensure that you’re aware of the road and everything that’s around you as you drive, including other road users. Make sure to stop at a stop sign or red light as they come up during your drive. Coming to a complete stop is incredibly important, and failing to do so will be an automatic termination of your exam. Be sure to check both ways before turning left or right.

The same goes for green lights and red lights. Know the ins and outs of the rules for stopping at streetlights, and be sure to make sure that the road is fully clear before you begin driving ahead. Traffic lights are likely to be a very important part of your driving examination, so be sure that you’re familiar with any specific rules that you may need to abide by before getting in the car for your practical driving test.

You’ll also want to be aware of pedestrian crossing and other road users. Be aware of the rules regarding pedestrian crossings, several-way stops, and merging lanes in which you’ll have to navigate the road with other cars and people.

Make sure you’re comfortable with your parking and point turn abilities as well, as this too can instantly fail you if you’re unable to complete them. You should be familiar with safely entering and leaving a parking space.

Finally, it’s important to listen to everything that your testing officer says throughout your test. They will be the ones guiding you through which roads to turn onto and stay on, as well as which places to perform turns or parking maneuvers that need to be tested. Be sure to defer to them whenever necessary, but remain confident in your abilities throughout the examination!

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