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First-Time Night Driving Tips For Learners

Safe Driving at night LTrent

All learner drivers in VIC and NSW need at least 20 hours of night driving practice. But driving at night can be a bit intimidating, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Even with bright headlights and streetlights, visibility is seriously reduced compared to daytime driving.

So how can you stay safe as a first-time night driver? Here are a few tips from LTrent Driving School that will help you drive safely during the night time!


Is It Safe To Drive In Hot Weather


Safe Driving on hot days

Extreme heat is common throughout Australia in the summer months. Extremely hot temperatures over 35° C can be quite dangerous for drivers, and if you want to stay safe, it’s important to understand the dangers of driving in high temperatures, and how you can drive safely in the summer heat.

So in this guide from LTrent Driving School, we’ll discuss a few tips for staying safe while driving in hot weather. Read on, and make sure you’re prepared for the heat!


What Are Some Car Driving Safety Instructions

Safe Driving Instructions Ltrent

If you’re going to learn to drive for the first time, LTrent Driving School is here to help. In this blog, we’ll go over some basic safety tips that will help you stay safe as you learn. Let’s get started.


What Basic Skills Should All Drivers Have

Basic skill for all teenage and young drivers LTrent

If you’re a teen driver or learner driver, you may be wondering what basic driving skills all drivers should have as they learn to drive in NSW or VIC. Here are a few top recommendations and tips from LTrent Driving School.


What Is A Good First Car For Young Drivers

LTrent Driving best first car for young

If you’re a learner driver buying your first car, or a parent looking into buying a new car for your child, there are a few things you should consider when buying a car in Australia. You want to choose the right car for first-time drivers to ensure they start off on the right foot as they learn.
So in this guide, LTrent Driving School will discuss a few tips for choosing a car for an inexperienced driver, and a few top models that are very popular among young drivers in Australia. Let’s get started.


Driving Lessons During School Holidays

LTrent School Holiday Driving Classes

If you would like to prepare for your driving test, scheduling driver training with professional driving instructors in NSW and VIC may seem like a great idea.

But you may have some questions about the availability of driving schools and driving instructors during school holidays. Can you book lessons during school holidays? Get the answers you need from LTrent Driving School now!


Should You Learn To Drive Manual Or Automatic

Manual or Automatic Driving Ltrent

If you’re about to learn how to drive, you may be wondering if you should learn how to drive a manual car, or if it’s better to learn to drive an automatic.

Manual or automatic vehicles both have different pros and cons for learner drivers, and there are a few things you should consider when making your choice. In this guide from LTrent Driving School, we’ll discuss what you need to know about learning in a manual transmission vs. an automatic transmission car.


Driving Rules For The Christmas Period

Driving Rules in Christmas Ltrent

Wondering what rules are in place for drivers during the Christmas period in NSW? Let’s take a look at additional rules you may need to follow, and provide you some top tips that will help you stay safe while driving during the Christmas and New Year holiday periods. 


How to Drive Safely in the Rain

How to Drive Safely in the Rain | LTrent Driving School Blog

Rain might not seem like a particularly serious hazard, but when it rains, accident rates shoot up. Intense rainfall can lead to flooding and make it significantly harder for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. New drivers need to be particularly aware of the hazards that rain presents and how to mitigate them.


What are the Main Reasons Learners Fail Their VIC Driving Test

What are the Main Reasons Learners Fail Their VIC Driving Test | LTrent Blog

Earning your P1 driving licence is a significant rite of passage for many Australians. Before taking the test, you should gain as much experience as possible.

For drivers under 21, 120 hours of supervised driving, plus 20 hours of night driving is required. Anyone aged above 21 is exempt from this requirement. In either case, the more practice you have, the better. Getting professional driving lessons in Melbourne is recommended.

Regardless of how well you drive, any of the following fail items will cause you to fail your test instantly. If you are aware of these beforehand, you can avoid them.