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Petrol powered bicycle ban

As of the 1st of October 2014, petrol powered bicycles have been banned for use on NSW roads and pathways.
Transport NSW lists these bikes as unsafe for the riders themselves and other road users.
Petrol powered bicycles can travel much faster than a standard bicycle and can travel up to 40km/h, however their brakes are not designed for the faster speeds. It takes a lot longer for braking in a petrol powered bicycle which greatly increases the risk of crash causing injury or death. In 2013, at least 3 people died whilst riding a petrol powered bicycle.
See the video below for an example of braking distances.

What bicycles will be legal from 1 October 2014?

Legal bicycles from 1 October 2014 include:

  • Regular bicycles with no engines attached
  • Complying 250 watt pedelacs
  • 200 watt power assisted pedal bicycles that have an electric motor