The Safer Drivers Course


Why do the course?

The NSW Safer Drivers Course has been developed to lower the crash risk of young drivers in NSW.

Do I get any credit of log book hours?

Upon completion of the course, learner drivers receive 20 logbook hours.

What happens in the course?
The course is divided into two modules:
Module 1 – Classroom 
A three-hour interactive, facilitated group discussion led by an experienced and qualified LTrent Trainer.
The discussion will involve 10 – 12 learner drivers and will explore behaviours and strategies that lead to becoming a safer driver. There are a number of videos and activities to keep the session engaging.
Module 2  – On Road
A two-hour on-road coaching session with two learner drivers in the car with an LTrent Driver Trainer.
Participants will have a number of drives each on a set route.
Each of the drives throughout the coaching session are aimed at eliminating the major crash types that occur on NSW roads.
Are there any requirements for the course?
In order to sit the Safer Drivers Course, you must hold a learners licence, have completed 50 hours of driving and be under 25 years of age.


Upon completion of the Safer Drivers Course, you will have a better understanding of being a safe P-plate driver.
Statistically, learner drivers have fewer crashes than provisional drivers. This does not mean that P-plate drivers are less skilled than learners, but rather that they face new challenges on the road.
Some of these challenges include: solo driving, driving with peers, unfamiliar roads and drink driving.
The realities of driving in everyday life are far different to being a driving lesson and these topics are explored during the course.
The Safer Drivers Course gets learner drivers thinking about the type of driver they are going to be once they pass the driving test.

To see upcoming venues and dates for the LTrent Safer Drivers Course visit our website: Safer Drivers Course Dates and Venues