Tips For Kerbside Stopping In Melbourne | LTrent Driving School

Tips For Kerbside Stopping In Melbourne

Tips For Kerbside Stopping In Melbourne | LTrent Driving School

A kerbside stop or a parallel park is something you will have to perform during your practical driving test. But while you may brush up on everything there is to know about it right before the exam, chances are that after a few years behind the wheel you’ll start to forget about the many do’s and don’ts of kerbside stopping.

But whether you’re a more experienced driver or just now learning, here are LTrent’s top tips for kerbside stopping in Melbourne.

1. It’s the Norm of Parking Rules

Did you know that when it comes to parking, a kerbside stop is considered the norm? Unless a sign that tells you otherwise, you should always use this maneuver when you want to stop the vehicle.

Additionally, you are required to park in the same direction as the adjacent traffic and go as close to the curb as possible. This is so that when you leave, you can safely re-enter traffic. For one way streets, you can also park on the right-hand side of the road.

2. Pay Attention to the Parking Spaces

There are a lot more parking rules than people think, not just in the city of Melbourne. Not knowing them can result in fines, and it seems many residents of Melbourne are familiar with them.

The local council estimates that around 97% of all parking fines are caused by parking issues, so it’s really important to brush up on your knowledge about where you can, and cannot park.

Some restricted areas include:

  • Taxi zones;
  • Loading zones;
  • Bus zones;
  • Work zones;
  • Truck zones;
  • Parking spots reserved for people with disabilities, unless you have a permit issued by the Municipal Association of Victoria;
  • Other areas marked as restricted or no parking.

Additionally, there is also a matter of what day of the week you park, or if you are parking on a public holiday. Some areas may have different rates for parking based on the day, but per state government rules parking is completely free during public holidays (provided you choose a private car park).

3. Remember Recycling Schedules

Victoria went through a bit of a recycling crisis a while back, but since 2013 the state along with local governments have made significant improvement thanks to kerbside recycling programs.

However, all waste cannot be collected at the same time, so as a driver you need to know when the city is coming in to take the recycled materials for a particular area. You can consult the timetable here.

4. Think of the Environment

You might not think parking has anything to do with the environment, but the Environmental Protection Authority is here to prove you wrong. Essentially, every time you skip a parking bay and want to stop your car somewhere off-road, or closer to nature, you can disrupt the environment there.

While this may not pose such a big problem for a 5-minute stop in a moment of need, it is problematic if you repeatedly do so, and others are following this example as well. This can lead to various levels of environmental damage, from ruining the fauna in a particular area to disrupting all the creatures that live there. It’s best to keep looking for designated parking spaces, even if they are a bit farther from where you want to stop.

Signing off

Knowing parking regulation has as much to do with road safety as knowing the speed limit, and when it comes to reinforcing these rules, the city will stop accepting any excuses.

If you need to brush up on driver safety, our knowledgeable driving instructors can help. Please call LTrent Driving School Melbourne on 1300 717 115 to book a lesson or ask any questions, or book online now.

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