What are the Main Reasons Learners Fail Their VIC Driving Test | LTrent

What are the Main Reasons Learners Fail Their VIC Driving Test

What are the Main Reasons Learners Fail Their VIC Driving Test | LTrent Blog

Earning your P1 driving licence is a significant rite of passage for many Australians. Before taking the test, you should gain as much experience as possible.

For drivers under 21, 120 hours of supervised driving, plus 20 hours of night driving is required. Anyone aged above 21 is exempt from this requirement. In either case, the more practice you have, the better. Getting professional driving lessons in Melbourne is recommended.

Regardless of how well you drive, any of the following fail items will cause you to fail your test instantly. If you are aware of these beforehand, you can avoid them.

Disobeying Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Learning to identify and obey the various traffic signs and road markings on Australian roads is integral to being a safe driver. Throughout your driving test, your driving instructor will be looking for evidence that you are paying attention to these. Disobeying signs and failing to adhere to road markings is an instant fail in most cases.

For example, when you come up to a stop sign, you are required to come to a complete stop. Many drivers fail their test because they roll up and then accelerate when they see the way is clear without a full stop; this is illegal.

Collisions With A Vehicle or Pedestrian

Any collision with a vehicle, pedestrian, or object will usually lead to an instant fail. If a crash is clearly someone else’s responsibility, you won’t fail, but your test will undoubtedly be over. For example, if you have a collision because you fail to check the mirrors before pulling out into the road, you will be responsible. On the other hand, if another driver is speeding or driving on the wrong side of the road and hits you, you can’t be blamed.

Make sure you perform head checks and remain conscious of other road users throughout your drive test. As long as you are paying attention, you should be able to avoid collisions.


One of the most common reasons that people fail their driving test is because they break the speed limit. Obeying the speed limit is one of the most crucial road rules for any driver to learn. Sticking to the speed limit makes accidents less likely and enables drivers to avoid common hazards. When driving on unfamiliar roads, obeying the speed limit is critical; taking an unexpected bend at speed can easily cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Requiring the Testing Officers’ Intervention

Anything you do or don’t do that requires your testing officer to intervene will cause you to fail the driving test on the spot. Your instructor will intervene if they think your driving presents a significant danger to you or other road users.

Preventing a Fail

The most useful thing you can do to increase your chances of passing your driving test is to practice and revise beforehand. Outside of lessons with your drive school, learner drivers can still benefit from a supervised driving experience with a friend or parent who holds a full Australian driving licence.

LTrent can help you identify a few test routes prior to your test that you can use to practice driving under test conditions (Trent On Road Test). It’s important to have a qualified driver in the car to supervise you; otherwise, you might end up developing some bad habits with no one to correct you. For practising advanced manoeuvres, such as the three point turn, an experienced supervisor is invaluable.

Before you contact VicRoads to arrange your driving test, make sure you are confident in your abilities. You won’t gain anything from rushing into the test prematurely. Book driving lessons in your area today with LTrent Driving School to ensure you pass your test on the first go.

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