Where is the Best Place to Learn to Drive in Melbourne | LTrent

Where is the Best Place to Learn to Drive in Melbourne

Where is the Best Place to Learn to Drive in Melbourne | LTrent

Learning to drive in a busy city can be daunting. If you’re already nervous about getting behind the wheel, the thought of sharing the road with lots of other drivers and pedestrians won’t help. Fortunately, even in a city like Melbourne, there are some great spots for inexperienced drivers to learn the ropes in relative peace and quiet.

Car Parks

Car parks are an excellent place to learn to drive and get the fundamentals of controlling your vehicle down before you start driving around other road users. The quieter the car park is, the better; you don’t want to risk collisions with parked cars. You should also be wary of car parks near shopping centres or other areas where families might be present. Children are unpredictable; learning to drive anywhere with children running around is going to be stressful for an inexperienced driver.

But a quiet car park with as few other vehicles and people in it as possible is where most new drivers will learn the ropes. For your first few lessons, your driving instructor may well recommend a car park before taking you out on a real road.

Industrial Estates

Once you have mastered basic control of your vehicle in car parks, industrial estates are a great place for a learner driver to develop their skills. We would suggest heading down on the weekend when there is less traffic and heavy machinery to contend with.

There are several industrial estates around Melbourne that are great for inexperienced drivers; Port Melbourne is a popular choice, as is Powell Industrial Deer Park.

University Campuses

Most driving schools in Melbourne will have their own preferred routes and roads for new drivers. Once your instructor is confident in your ability to drive safely on the roads, they will move you onto busier roadways. But if you want to give yourself a head start, we would recommend the Monash Uni campus. Monash offers a good mix of road types and terrain; it’s an excellent location for practising.

Quiet Roads

Sooner or later, before you take your driving test, you’re going to need to drive on an active road. We highly recommend starting out on quiet, rural roads and gradually working your way up to busier routes when you are confident in your ability to drive safely.

Once you have developed your confidence a bit, Yarra Boulevard in Kew will teach you how to handle curves and get you used to country driving in general. It isn’t great for a complete beginner, but it is worth checking out before you take your drive test.

Mt. Dandenong

Mt. Dandenong is a relatively traffic-free environment and another place where you can get to grips with rural roads. It’s also a good choice for your first drive on a public road, and for experiencing hill driving for the first time.

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All the places listed above are great proving grounds for new drivers, but they are only one part of the puzzle. Learning to drive in a densely populated city can be challenging; Melbourne is no exception. Having a competent and friendly driving instructor makes the whole process much more comfortable. LTrent’s instructors know all the best testing routes for new drivers. Contact us today to book driving lessons in  Melbourne and start working towards earning your full Australian drivers licence.

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