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Central Coast Manual Driving Instructors

Cental Coast Manual Driving Instructors

Do You Want To Be Able To Drive Manual?

We have manual instructors near you, who are patient and qualified. They will guide you to ensure that you will drive safely and confidently on the roads in any manual vehicle.

Manual LTrent Trainers

  • Your Manual LTrent Trainer will be the most qualified in the industry.
  • LTrent is Australia’s leading educator of driver trainers. We train the trainers.
  • You will have the confidence in knowing that your trainer wants you to never have a crash as a solo driver and pass first go.
  • We can help you at all stages of your driving whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

The Trent Method

  • Any licensed driver or driver trainer can teach someone how to drive a motor vehicle; Trent produces safe drivers through curriculum-based training.
  • You will find learning to drive easy by applying the Trent safety wheel to any situation.
  • Because our driver training program has been developed from 50 years in business, you will learn to drive using the most successful curriculum in the industry.
  • By learning the Trent Method of safety driving, you will see tangible results. Your skill and ability will improve faster than with any other driving school because we guarantee it. At the end of each session, you will be better than when you started.
  • Included in your training and exclusive to Trent is the Learn to Drive Handbook and Student Record Card featuring the 54 competencies to safe driving. Using these we will work towards your goals and provide constant feedback.
  • The Trent Method and in particular the Trent On Road Test will give you the best chance of passing first go. Let Trent take you to the test and you will have a 28% greater chance of passing first go.

LTrent Service and Support

  • Trent Driving School is a large professional business that offers you a team of customer partners that are there to help with ANYTHING that you need.
  • You will have access to online bookings, re-bookings and more via ltrent.com.au
  • Trent offers the largest and newest fleet in the industry. Your on road classroom will be modern clean and fun to drive.
  • With Trent you will find more availability, more areas, and more automatic and manual trainers than any other driving school.
  • We guarantee that you will experience the best level of training and service in Australia.

The LTrent training and service Guarantee

At the end of your lesson, if you don’t believe that you received the best level of service and training,  not only will we refund your money for that lesson we’ll give you a bonus double movie pass.


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