Getting Your HR Licence

Getting Your HR Licence

To enrol in a heavy rigid licence course through the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Scheme, you will need to complete the following steps.

You'll need to go to a registry or service centre in person and:

  1. Have held a class C licence (except learner licence) for 2 or more years and are now on your P2 licence or full class C

  2. Provide a completed Licence Application form

  3. Pass an eyesight test

  4. Provide a medical assessment report (if applicable)

  5. Pass the knowledge test for a heavy rigid vehicle

  6. Pay the RMS fee

You'll then be issued with a Heavy Vehicle HVCBA Learner's Log Book, and the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment publication. The Guide outlines the tasks you need to perform to complete the training course and the assessment. Your progress is recorded in your log book

You need this logbook before starting your training.


Final Competency Assessment (FCA)

As part of the HVCBA scheme all students must pass and FCA in order to obtain a heavy rigid licence. As mandated by the RMS, all training and assessment is recorded on video to ensure the validity of the assessment.

Only students that demonstrate competency at the FCA will be passed.



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