Heavy Rigid Licence Requirements

Course Requirements


  • Students that read the HVCBA Handbook will be up-to-date with the latest information about the road rules.

  • You can find the handbook on the RMS website. For those who wish to receive a hardcopy, you can purchase it for a small fee from the Road and Maritime Services (RMS).

  • By using the learner logbook, you will be able to keep tracking of your progress on a regular basis. On top of that, we find that students that keep track of their progress this way also avoid losing their logbook. The RMS charges a replacement fee if your lose your logbook.


Before applying for a HR licence

  • Possessed a class C licence or equivalent for two years or more. The time on the provisional one licence still counts but you cannot practice driving or upgrade your licence to a HR licence until you have a P2 or full class C licence.

  • Passed the HR knowledge test.

  • Passed an eyesight test

  • Completed either the HVCBA or RMS driving test.


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