Our Truck

Our Truck

With Trent Education you will experience the most modern truck in the industry, but the advantages don't stop there. The truck will be loaded to RMS specifications.

Our Truck is a 2017 Hino 500.
Length: 9.6m
Wheel base: 5.25m

What does this mean for you?
Unlike other heavy vehicle driving schools you will gain vital experience in a truck that has a realistic length and wheel base. The truck you will be driving is similar to the truck you will drive in the workforce. You will learn how to corner and maneuver a realistic sized vehicle.

Why automatic?
84% of all new trucks sold are Auto
90% of new heavy rigid trucks are automatic
This is the future of trucking. Big transport companies are in favour of automatic for a number of reasons. Driving an automatic over a crash box reduces fatigue on the driver and in turn saves lives. Statistics show that manual trucks have a higher rate of repair claims than automatic trucks.
You will have a condition B on your licence, you can still drive any automatic or syncromesh manual rigid vehicle.


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