Roundabout May/June 2018 VIC

Roundabout Trent June 2018

Welcome to the June’s Roundabout Trent,-  I hope you enjoy this edition, and as always if you would like to see anything included please let me know.

Do Great!

Glenn Mackay

Franchise Development Manager

From the Desk of the CEO

(Actual CEO)


We know that newly licensed drivers are the most at risk of having a crash. It's a tragedy every time a young person crashes. We can either accept this as 'behavioural' or that it 'comes with the age group' or we can be the solution. The only way we can do this is to train with purpose and be great teachers. Melbourne needs you to be the new wave of trainer, the one's that actually make a difference. Remember your mission, team.

"It is my responsibility as a Trent driver trainer to ensure that everyone that comes to me for tuition is taught to drive safely and correctly so they are equipped to survive on the roads"


Teach well,

Stephen O’Sullivan-CEO


The Buzz Lightyear Award


This is not just about Numbers or KPI’s,  it’s for doing more than what's expected, its for putting customers needs first, for truly standing up and helping Trent become a better place to work. This Month's Nomination goes to Charlotte Boreland from Eastern Suburbs.

A few weeks back Charlotte dropped everything when we needed an urgent replacement Driver Trainer for Module 2 of the SDC- showing her commitment not only to customers, but to Trent as well. Thanks so much Charlotte this is why our customers continue to learn with TRENT  


Golf Day

Recently we held a Trent Social Golf day – we had a good number in attendance, including some non- golfers which made me feel better about my game. A great day was had by all, make sure you look out for the next social event and come along to spend time with your fellow Trent Team members.



Open Road

Driving topics 49-54 on the Student Record Card relate to the Open Road, but how many of us are actually taking our students out of the city for these crucial lessons?

This challenge was recently put out to Jessica Rankin from IWS by her Area Manager. In the last month Jessica conducted 6 open road lessons with different students, each lesson was 4 hours in duration, adding 24 hours to her diary, not only will increase her ALPIS, but has the added benefit of giving her students practical skills that will be essential when they pass their test and head out of the city on their first solo road trip.


One of Jess's students enjoys an open road trip




Celebrating Birthdays in May and June

1st May – Ton Spijker – NB

5th May – Jeff McDougall – NB

13th May – Wayne Levi – LFO

15th May – Charles Mould – ESO

15th May – Mary Mondeddu – Support Office

21st May – James Tan – NDO

30th May – Will Lam – NDO

6th June – Roslyn Confos – SSO

6th June – Paul Collins – PHO

8th June – Scott Hogan – SSO

20th June – Gerard Boulos – LFO

20th June – Errol Bailey – PHO

20th June – Michael Nightingale – SSO

22nd June – Susan Hardy – ILL

30th June – Iris Yu – Support Office


Refer and Recieve

Incase you missed the announcement Stephen Chapman from PHO had his ticket drawn out in the Refer and Receive competition and I’m sure is already planning where his $1000 Flight centre voucher will take him. Congrats once again Stephen.

I would also like to thank the 78% of our Driver trainers that had a ticket, although you didn't win the flight centre prize, you are still a winner, you got paid an extra $30.00 on top of the lesson fee, and of coarse had more students in your car.

Just because the promotion is over,  let’s not stop looking for Referral opportunities. On a recent customer survey we asked:  On a scale of 1-10 “How likely is it that you would recommend Trent Driving School to a friend or colleague?"

So far we've had 102 responses and 95 of those people ranked above 7.  This means they are happy to Refer or recommend us, we just need to prompt them by asking the question “Do you know anyone else that would benefit from professional Driving Lessons?

All Aboard-


In April/May we Welcomed these New Trent Family Members


Serena Schultz-Schrepping-    Driver Trainer Footscray VIC

Wayne Camkin-            Driver Trainer- Illawarra

Tony Papoulidis-             Driver Trainer -Southern Suburbs

Aria Nasiri-                 Driver Trainer- Monash VIC

Samuel Sun-             Driver Trainer-Footscray VIC


This month we inducted 3 Driver Trainers into our Melbourne branches, all of whom are very experienced and bring a wealth of local knowledge to the Trent brand. Did you know that in Victoria the Driver Trainer rides in the car for the Test assessment and the VIC Roads Test examiners sit in the back?

We are excited to learn more about our Victorian Counterparts – these people are our pioneers into the great southern state of Victoria- they will be leading the way forward.  


Aria, Samuel and Serena 


ALPIS- Average lessons per Inactive Student

In May our company ALPIS fell to 6.48 for the 12 month period from 01/06/17- 31/05/18.

8 of our Regions fell when compared to last month figures.

Why is ALPIS so important? Put simply it measures the average number of lessons our students are doing. Our repeat business.

It is often said that it costs 3 times as much to attract a new customer, than it does to retain an existing one. This certainly rings true in our business.

Besides the obvious financial benefits, do you think that your students will be Safer Drivers with more professional lessons?  If you answered no, I might suggest you are on the wrong career path.

In May we had 217 students only do 1 lesson with us.  Even the best Trainers in the world ,would agree that we can not create a Complete Driver in just 1 lesson.


Lower North Shore 7.86

Inner West 7.78

Southern Suburbs 7.59

Liverpool Fairfield 7.12

Eastern Suburbs 6.76

Parramatta Hills 6.33

Blacktown Penrith 6.31

Northern Districts 5.88

Upper North Shore 5.74

Newcastle 5.23

Illawarra 4.43

Northern Beaches 4.41

Central Coast 3.52

Melbourne 2.03



We have 2 new members of our Top Gun Club, Welcome to Stephen Chapman (PHO) and Scott Hogan (SSO) Congratulations. It’s a good effort to get there, but it will take a great effort to stay.

* These scores include ALL lessons over the last 12 month period.



Reporting Period

01/06/2017 to 31/05/2018

Driver Trainer Score

1 – COLIN DEGNEY – 13.15

2 – JESSICA RANKIN – 12.81


4 – ARVIN RUBBI – 11.23

5 – ROSLYN CONFOS – 11.11



8 – Bernard Kisnorbo – 8.72

9 – SCOTT HOGAN – 8.53


We now have 38% of Driver Trainers on an ALPIS of 7.00 or above,  These Trainers are being rewarded and paid more for their lessons. There is no reason you can't achieve this.

Getting to Know you!


The purpose of this section is for our Driver Trainers to be able to put a face to a name, and to help build relationships between the support office team and our On Road Team.

  1. Name & Position : Harry Huang – Customer Partner

  1. Nickname as a child : Harry Potter

  1. Date started at Trent: 22/01/18

  1. Your “Why”   (what you love about your job)No two days are the same or even similar for that matter, everyday presents new challenges that allow me to exercise my problem-solving skills. Being kept busy on my toes really gets the adrenaline running, nobody likes a boring job right? Walking into the office with 0/10 tasks done and walking out with 18/20 is a great feeling. Having mad chat (thanks for the new vocab Annette!) with the customers is always a super rewarding experience, knowing their stories and motivation behind their decisions.

  2. Favourite movie : Finding Nemo

  3. Tea or Coffee : Tea, French Earl Grey the most. I like coffee too but it all tastes the same to me.

  1. Cats or Dogs :  Dogs

  1. Greatest personal achievement: Honestly, making into UNSW and studying the degree I am now (Software Engineering). I was quite an average performer in my school career, had to jump through hoops to get admitted. Even once I got in, it was rough. So the fact that I’m still studying it seals the deal. Hopefully I don’t jinx it now.

  1. 3 people dead or alive you would invite to a dinner party: Elvis Presley, Elton John, Steve Jobs

  1. What superpower do you wish you had and why: Function indefinitely without sleep, it’s a waste of time.

  1. Favourite quote.     “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re the problem”

  1. Who do you nominate for next month's edition? Tasha – CP


Harry Huang




Congratulations to Charles Mould  Driver Trainer( ESO) Who was first to crack the code, with the correct answer of 0 4 2, Charles Wins the $50.00 Well done.


This month’s I asked Jessica Rankin Driver Trainer from IWS to set the quiz questions,  this is what she submitted.


1) If you had 5 mango's and 3 bananas in one hand, and 5 bananas and 4 mango's in the other hand,  What would you have?


(Answer) very large hands.


2) Which building has the most stories?


(Answer) The library.


Thanks for the Dad jokes Jess, but I just couldn't award someone a $50.00 prize for knowing the answers.


Instead the first Driver Trainer to tell me where this picture was taken? Will receive a $50.00 Gift card. email your answers to [email protected]



Quotes and Jokes


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