Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Melbourne | LTrent

Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Melbourne

Best Places To Practice For Learner Drivers In Melbourne | LTrent

If you’re a learner driver or you’re helping one or more young drivers learn to drive, you may be wondering where the best place is to learn to drive in Melbourne. In this guide from LTrent Driving School, we’ll take a look at a few top places where learner drivers can build their driving skills and their confidence – in a safe, low-stress environment.

1. Start In Car Parks Throughout Melbourne

An empty car park is, by far, the best place for learner drivers to get familiar with the basics of driving. The first few days that you’re learning to drive, you should probably stick to car parks. You can get a handle on things like braking, acceleration, steering, operating turn signals and other basics – which can be overwhelming on a public road.

Bunnings Carpark is a great destination. You can also practice in the car parks of schools on the weekends, or after they’ve let out for the day. Most car parks are completely abandoned after-hours, so you won’t have to worry about parked cars or other obstacles, and you can practice in comfort.

2. La Trobe University (Weekends)

La Trobe University has plenty of large car parks where you can become familiar with driving your car. It also has lots of smaller streets and roads that have low speed limits, as well as some roundabouts, stop signs, and stop lights. There is also usually some pedestrian traffic, which will provide you with some experience in giving way to pedestrians. After practicing in the car park for a little while, you can drive around the campus, and become more familiar with driving on public roads.

We only recommend La Trobe University on the weekends, however. During the week, it’s crowded with traffic, pedestrians and parked cars – and can be quite overwhelming for new drivers.

3. Industrial Areas Around Melbourne (Weekends)

Industrial areas like Dandenong Industrial Estate, Port Melbourne and Powell Industrial Deer Park are good places for learner drivers. Industrial areas typically do not have much through traffic, particularly on the weekends. They also often have both public and private roads – and there are often a lot of dead ends, which helps you practice maneuvers like 3-point-turns.

4. Mt. Dandenong/Olinda

Olina and Mt. Dandenong don’t have much traffic, and are great options if you’re looking to drive on more rural roads, and gain experience on public roads. Because these areas have a lot of elevation changes, this is also a great opportunity to get more experience driving on hills.

5. Westerfolds Park In Templestowe (Weekdays)

Westerfolds Park has plenty of wide, relatively low-speed streets, and is typically not crowded at all on weekdays, so it’s a great choice for learner drivers.

On weekends, however, there is usually a lot more vehicle traffic, as well as cyclists and pedestrians. If you’re confident in your driving skills, it’s still a good place to drive, but it may be a bit intimidating if you’ve not yet had a lot of experience on public roads.

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