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How to Be Seen in Traffic – Safety Driving Tip

How to Be Seen in Traffic - Safety Driving Tip | LTrent Driving School Blog

When driving, it’s crucial for you to be aware of your surroundings and for others to be aware of you. Understand when you may be in someone’s blind spot or if there’s poor visibility. Every move you make should be completed early and carefully to ensure other drivers have time to see you.


How To Change Lanes

How To Change Lanes | LTrent Driving School Blog

There’s a famous animation showing a driver in a car asking the question – “Do I need to show my indicator to cut across eight lanes? No? I’ll turn now”. Well, they did, and what followed was a commotion of chaos and explosions.

Obviously, this was only an animated series and, of course, which to some extent was greatly exaggerated. The reality is, people don’t always know what the correct procedure is when it comes to changing lanes.


Guide to older driver licensing in NSW

Guide to older driver licensing in NSW | Ltrent Driving School Blog

The Australian Road Rules defines an “older driver” as any driver aged 75 years or above. Older drivers must provide an updated medical review, showing they’re still fit to drive. This rule aims to improve road safety. Drivers above this age can be suffering from physical or cognitive impairments. In this guide to older driver licensing, you’ll read about how to keep your drivers licence updated.


Do you know your road rules?

Do you know your road rules? | LTrent Driving School Blog

It’s essential to know the Australian road rules before attempting to drive in NSW or Vic to avoid making simple mistakes. A driving theory test is the first step to getting a driver’s licence in both NSW and Vic, so let’s look at some of the basic road rules. It’s also necessary to understand the demerit points system and how it works. You will have to research this system as there are various ways to get these points, and they include fines and suspensions.


Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue | Ltrent Driving School Blog

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of fatalities on Australian roads, along with speeding and alcohol consumption. Research by Transport NSW also suggests that fatigue is just as dangerous as drunk driving, if not more so. In fact, staying awake for 17 hours has similar effects on cognitive ability as a 0.05/100ml blood alcohol content.

After 21 hours, this figure skyrockets to 0.15, which is classified as “High Range” and well over the legal limit. Moreover, driving tired after being awake for 24 hours increases the risk of a car accident seven-fold.


Top Tips for Parallel Parking

Top Tips for Parallel Parking | LTrent Driving School

Parallel parking is a nightmare at the best of times, but throw in heavy traffic and many already parked cars, it turns into a nightmare pretty quickly. You can’t rely on two empty spaces to easily park your vehicle, but you still need to be quick about it. There are a few parallel parking tips to keep in mind to park perfectly in a pesky opening on the side of the road.


What Are the Rules for Indicating in Roundabouts

What Are the Rules for Indicating in Roundabouts | LTrent Driving School

Road rules are essential when you’re first learning to drive. It’s also important to know that the rules vary depending on the situation. It’s wise to learn about driving laws from a credible source before getting behind the wheel.

In this article, we’ll be covering the rules for indicating roundabouts in Victoria and NSW. Breaking these laws will result in you accumulating demerit points on your license. Accumulate enough of these points, and you may get a suspension.


How is Your Driving Test Scored

How is Your Driving Test Scored | LTrent Driving School

For many, it’s a rite of passage to adulthood to learn to drive, and young people look forward to passing their provincial licence to gain newfound levels of independence. Failure can be daunting, and it’s good to know beforehand what can cause you to fail.

The official driving test is like a driving lesson and will mainly cover the same things. You should find passing easy, once you’ve got enough experience and sufficient driving skills.


Are You Allowed to U-turn if There Isn’t A Sign

A U-turn is a dangerous manoeuvre that must be performed with awareness and precision. Careless or abrupt manoeuvres can result in deadly crashes. Not by chance, U-turns are dealt with carefully by local road traffic legislation. Situations where they’re allowed, are prescribed in a detailed manner.

Perform a U-turn only when there’s a road sign allowing it, although there are exceptions. In any case, you should always have an unobstructed view of approaching traffic before doing this manoeuvre. Always observe the road rules. In this article, we’ll discuss when it’s allowed and not allowed to perform a U-turn.


How to Do 3 Point Turn

How to Do 3 Point Turn | LTrent Driving School Blog Whether you are preparing for your driving test or just want to brush up on your knowledge, knowing how to perform a three point turn is an essential skill. It’s also one of the most common manoeuvres you will be asked to perform during your practical driving test together with parallel parking.

Here are the steps you need to take to do a three point turn safely.