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How Is The NSW Driving Test Scored

How is Your Driving Test Scored | LTrent Driving School

In NSW, your Driving Test is scored based on your ability to demonstrate low-risk driving skills in different situations. You must meet the driving standard and complete the test activities within the specified time to pass. Your examiner will look at how safe you’re when driving, how you react to other road users, and how you comply with road rules.

You’re required to complete a Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before taking the Driving Test. This test will allow you to earn your driver’s licence. Upon passing the Driving Test, you will be given your provisional P1 licence, and you will be free to drive anywhere without a supervising driver or a log book. Passing your Driving Test should be easy when you work with a professional trainer.


How To Change Lanes Safely

How To Change Lanes | LTrent Driving School Blog

Most highways in Australia are divided into lanes, each with visible lines indicating where your car should travel and the rules you should follow. Failing to follow these rules can make changing lanes a dangerous affair.

In this article, we’ll provide tips and rules for changing lanes safely, whether you want to refresh your driving prowess or pass your Driving Test.


Tips For Passing The HPT

Tips For Passing The HPT | LTrent Driving School

To earn your P1 licence and take the driving test, you will need to pass your Hazard Perception Test (HPT) first. This computer-based test is designed to assess your ability to recognise and respond to potential hazards on the road.

The HPT test consists of a sequence of short video clips containing everyday road scenes in which you must identify developing hazards before they develop into an immediate risk. This test aims to ensure you are aware of your surroundings and can make quick, safe decisions when faced with potential hazards.

“But how do I pass the HPT test?” Here are a few tips to prepare and pass your HPT on the first attempt.


How To Pass The Driving Test In NSW

How To Pass The Driving Test In NSW | LTrent Driving School Blog

If you are a learner driver and have had your licence for a while, you may qualify to take the driving test to get your provisional P1 licence. However, taking a driver knowledge test for the first time can bring anxiety. For this reason, you might be looking for tips to pass the test on your first time. This guide to driving tests provides some of the tips you can use to qualify on your first go.


What Is In The P’s Driving Test In NSW

What’s In The Driving Test? Explaining How You’ll Be Tested | LTrent Driving Lessons

In order to acquire your P1 licence, you have to pass the driving assessment, which can be more difficult than it sounds. Many young drivers have had to complete the test several times before obtaining their provisional P1 licence.

If you are about to head out for the road assessment for the first time, you may be curious about what typically happens during the tests. This post will discuss everything you need to know about the NSW P1 licence test.


Understanding L & P Plate Driver Restrictions In NSW

Understanding L & P Plate Driver Restrictions In NSW | LTrent Driving Lessons

Everything You Need to Know About L & P Driver Restrictions In NSW

It’s not always clear what the rules are for learner drivers in New South Wales. This is because they differ between states and territories. Whether you have just acquired your L plates or have a P1 or P2 provisional licence, you may wonder whether there are restrictions. In this post, we will focus on the restrictions applying to learner drivers in NSW.


Top Tips for Parallel Parking

Top Tips for Parallel Parking | LTrent Driving School

At the best of times, parallel parking is challenging, but when you add heavy traffic and many parked vehicles, it becomes even more difficult and stressful. You can’t always depend on two empty spots to park your car easily, so knowing how to handle the situation can help immensely. Here are some parallel parking tips for parking well even when the gap isn’t as forgiving.


Tips for Driving In the Rain

Tips for Driving In the Rain | LTrent Driving School Blog
Wet weather driving can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced or learner drivers. Following these tips next time it pours can make the experience less stressful.