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The Trent Method

Why You Will Benefit From The “Trent Method” Of Driver Training

As a society, we are not great at preparing new drivers for the task of driving solo.

This is the path that most new drivers take.

A young person wishes to drive. They expect to be able to learn to drive competently and safely. They receive some degree of basic instruction, mainly in car control. This instruction varies widely in consistency and quality. The learner who has no knowledge on the subject accepts this as the best way because it was given by someone ‘who knows’.

The learner then does a short test and when they pass, often on the second or third attempt they are out on the road.

Driving solo
Casulty Crashes Graph

The statistics show that the most risk a driver will ever face behind the wheel is the first six months on their P’s. This leads us to believe that newly licenced P plate drivers don’t have the required skills or knowledge to stay safe in all the driving situations they will face as a solo driver.

That’s why we have created the “Trent Method” of driver training.

What is it?

The Trent Method is a systematised training program that produces safe drivers.

The course has 6 distinct components.

  • A curriculum – 128 page Handbook, student record card, 54 instruction topics and lesson plans

  • The safety concepts – the safety wheel

  • Training locations

  • New skills instruction method

  • Skill development method

  • Assessments


The Trent method of safe driving, helps you become a better driver by….

  • Delivering training in a sequential order

  • Giving you accurate feedback on your progress

  • Planning lessons for actual results

  • Setting short and long term goals so that you get your licence sooner

  • Rigorously practicing learnt skills so that you are equipped to survive on the roads

Remember, driving is a practical skill and only effective training and practice will make you a better driver

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