How to become a driving instructor in NSW

The rewarding career you have been looking for starts today.

ltrent instructor and student holding red p plate

Steps involved in the process: 

1. Obtain your letter of eligibility from the RMS.

2. Complete the Cert IV course in transport and logistics (driving instruction) with Trent Education.

3. You are now a qualified driving instructor.

Trent Education has specialist staff to help you through the process. 

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How To Get Your Letter Of Eligibility

1. Pass an extended driver knowledge test at Service NSW.

2. Pass a medical check stating you are fit to drive

3. Pass a driving test

4. Pass police and criminal history check

5. Gain a letter of eligibility from the RMS

6. Complete Certificate IV Road Transport and Logistics (Car Driving Instruction) with an approved provider

7. Complete the regulator final assessment

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