How To Convert An Overseas Licence To A NSW Licence[1]

Permanent Resident or Permanent Visa

For the first 3 months in NSW, you can drive on a current overseas licence. You can also convert your current overseas licence to a full NSW licence within this time period. However, after these three months you will need to apply for a NSW learners licence to continue driving. This involves passing the Driver’s Knowledge Test (DKT) and also the Driving Test.

You will need to:

Once this is completed, you will then be able to obtain a full NSW Licence. You will not be able to hold more than one licence in Australia so your overseas licence will not be valid in NSW.

If you fail a driving test, your visiting driving privileges will be withdrawn. If you still want to continue to drive, you must get a learner’s licence. You can only re attempt the test after 1 week.

If you plan to stay in NSW for longer than three months but do not hold a permanent Australian residency, you can apply for a Temporary Overseas Visitor Licence.

Student Visa, International Visitor, or Temporary Resident

You do not need to get a NSW drivers licence if you follow these conditions:

  • You have a current overseas licence that is in English or you have an authorised English translation

  • You remain a visitor

  • You have not been suspended or disqualified from driving in NSW or anywhere else

  • You have not had your licence suspended, cancelled or had your visitor driving privileges withdrawn

  • Carry your passport with you while driving to prove your visa

Looking for the VIC version?

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