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How To Convert An Overseas Licence To A NSW Licence

The easiest overseas licence conversion guide you’ll find on the internet: 

Step 1. Confirm which type of licence you have:

Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority A licence (any age)

No test required

Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority B licence (over 25)

No test required

Unrecognised licence (over 25)

Test required

Unrecognised or Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority B licence (under 25)

Test required

Step 2. I know my licence type… which test do I have to do?

You’ll need to do the Driver’s Knowledge Test (DKT) AND a Driving test to progress onto a full or provisional licence.

Step 3. If you now know you need to take a driving test – you need to be aware of the following:

  • If you’re over 25 – if you fail your test, you’ll then get a Learners licence, and once you pass the driving test you’ll go to the provisional licensing scheme (P1 and P2 licences)

  • If you’re under 25, the type of licence you’ll get depends on where your licence is from as well as how many months experience you have (best to contact Service NSW to find out about your specific licence if it’s not described here)

Step 4. How do I make sure I pass my driving test? So I don’t have to pay to retake the test or miss out on getting a full licence rather than provisional!

This is the easiest step – book a lesson with us!
Our driving instructors are experts in driving and the driving test. We have helped thousands of overseas licensed students to pass their test first attempt. We’ll help guide you throughout this tricky process and give you tips about driving on Australian roads.
If you’re still confused just give us a call on 02 8748 4500 – we’re happy to help!


100% happy with George K great effort thanks heaps!

My wife who is Thai needed to get an Aussie licence so there was quite a bit of communication issues to work through. George K was her instructor for all the lessons. They worked through getting her up to speed and was absolutely the best with everything. The office people were a huge help as well completely understanding. 100% happy with George K great effort thanks heaps.


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Just recently migrated to Australia. I was a manual driver in the Philippines for more than half a decade and have adapted a very offensive and lax driving style. Tony was my mentor and each session was worth every cent. Passed one go with just a couple of sessions. Will definitely recommend LTrent to my mates! Cheers, Tony!


I Was A Novice Driver And Now I Feel Safe And Confident While Driving

I would highly recommend Chris in Newcastle. I was a novice driver, struggling with push pull steering just 1 month back and thanks to Chris, I received my unrestricted NSW drivers' license today. It is a great feeling and I feel good, safe and confident while driving now. Thanks Chris, thanks LTrent.


Helped Me Break Bad Driving Habits and Taught Me How To Become A Safer Driver

George was an excellent instructor. Without his guidance, I would not have passed my driving exam! He helped me break my bad driving habits and taught me how to safely drive on the road. Would highly recommend Trent Driving school


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I took only one lesson with Paul and it was the best lesson i have received to date. Passed the test after just one lesson! 5/5


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I had a one hour driving lesson with LTrent and the next day I had the driving test and I have passed with 100 marks first go. I do appreciate your instructor.
Thank you

Permanent Australian residents or permanent visa holders:

If you have a full driver’s licence from overseas, you’re able to drive with this licence for your first three months as a resident or permanent visa holder – after this you won’t be able to drive until you get your licence converted. You can also convert your licence during these three months if you’re keen to get your NSW licence as soon as possible.

What is the process to get my licence?

You will need to:

  • Bring your overseas licence

  • Provide proof of your identity

  • Provide proof of Australian permanent residency

  • Complete the Licence application form

  • Pass an eyesight test

  • Pass a knowledge test unless you are exempt

  • Pass a driving test unless you are exempt

  • Pay the relevant licence fee

Once this is completed, you will then be able to obtain a full NSW Licence. You will not be able to hold more than one licence in Australia so your overseas licence will not be valid in NSW.

If you fail a driving test, your visiting driving privileges will be withdrawn. If you still want to continue to drive, you must get a learner’s licence. You can only re attempt the test after 1 week.

If you plan to stay in NSW for longer than three months but do not hold a permanent Australian residency, you can apply for a Temporary Overseas Visitor Licence.

Tests Required

If your licence is not from a recognised licensing authority, or you're under 25 and hold an Authority B type licence

You will need to pass the relevant knowledge or driving test in order to get your NSW drivers licence.

If you're over 25 and pass first go, you will then get a full unrestricted licence. If you fail your first test

Then you then will get your Learners licence, once you've passed the test will progress through the provisional licensing scheme.

If you're under 25, when you convert to a NSW licence

You are given a corresponding provisional licensing depending on how many months/years of driving experience you have. Additionally, the type of assessment you'll do is dependent on your driving experience and what the equivalent licence would be in NSW.

If you fail your practical driving test

No matter what age or authority type your licence is, if you fail your practical driving test you will then go onto a NSW Learners licence until you pass the driving test.

Book a lesson with a professional driver trainer so you can pass the test first go!

Exemptions from the driving test:

If your licence meets these requirements you then don’t have to do any computer or driving test in order to convert your licence – just go to your local RMS and get it converted on the spot!

  • Any drivers licence (not learner permit) from a Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority A

  • You’re over the age of 25 and your licence is from Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority B

Student Visa, International Visitor, or Temporary Resident

You do not need to get a NSW drivers licence if you follow these conditions:

  • You have a current overseas licence that is in English or you have an authorised English translation

  • You remain a visitor

  • You have not been suspended or disqualified from driving in NSW or anywhere else

  • You have not had your licence suspended, cancelled or had your visitor driving privileges withdrawn

  • Carry your passport with you while driving to prove your visa

List of Recognised Countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canada (any State)
Isle of Man (licences issued since 1 April 1991)
Malta (licences issued or renewed since 2 January 2004)
New Zealand, (except for paper licences)
United Kingdom
United States of America (any State).

Republic of Cyprus
Czech Republic
Hong Kong (Important: Hong Kong licence holders must have held a Hong Kong licence for a minimum period of 12 months)
South Africa
South Korea (Republic of Korea)

Any countries not listed in Recognised Foreign Licensing Authority A, B or not within the specified dates of validity.

Book a lesson with a professional driver trainer so you can pass the test first go!