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Convert Overseas Licence To VIC Licence

How To Convert Your Overseas Licence To A VIC Licence

Step 1. Confirm which type of licence you have:

Recognised countries and jurisdictions (any age)

No test required

Driver experience recognised countries (over 25)

No test required

Driver experience recognised (age 18-25)

Test required

Non-recognised countries (ages 18+)

Test required

Step 2. I know my licence type… which test do I have to do?

  • If you fall under a ‘No Test Required’ category – you just have to bring your translated international licence and pay a licence fee to have it converted
  • If you fall into a ‘Tests Required’ category – you’ll need to do the Road Law Knowledge test, the Hazard Perception Test and then the Driving Test

Step 3. If you now know you need to take a driving test – you need to be aware of the following:

  • If you’re between 21 and 22 years old (depending on your driving experience) you’ll receive a P2 Licence

  • If you’re between 18 and 21 years old:

    • If you have less than 1 year driving experience, you’ll get a P1 licence

    • If you’ve had 1 year or more driving experience since your 18th birthday, you’ll get a P2 licence

  • If you’re over 25 years old, once you’ve passed all of the computer and driving tests – you’ll then receive a full unrestricted licence

Step 4. How do I make sure I pass my driving test? So I don’t have to pay to retake the test or miss out on getting a full licence rather than provisional!

This is the easiest step – book a lesson with us!
Our driving instructors are experts in driving and the driving test. We have helped thousands of overseas licensed students to pass their test first attempt. We’ll help guide you throughout this tricky process and give you tips about driving on Australian roads.
If you’re still confused just give us a call on 1300 717 115 – we’re happy to help!

Permanent Australian residents or permanent visa holders:

You may drive in Victoria for the first 6 months since:

You’ve entered Australia, if your permanent visa was issued to you before you entered Australia
The date that your permanent visa was issued if you’ve received it while you were in Australia
Your overseas licence must be written in English or have an English translation. You can also drive with an international driving permit.

If you want to drive after these 6 months, you’ll need to get a Victorian licence.

If your overseas licence is from a recognised country, you may not need to take any tests.

Book your appointment to convert your drivers licence here.

If you’re from a non-recognised country, you’ll need to call 13 11 71 to book a licence verification appointment before completing anything else.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

  • Your current overseas licence in English or translation and/or your International driving permit
  • Your original evidence documents to prove your identity
  • A complete licence or learner permit application
  • Correct amount of money for the licence fees

Do you need to become familiar with Victorian roads?

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Temporary Visa

You don’t need to have a Victorian drivers licence or learner permit. You can drive with an international driving permit or your current overseas licence that’s written in English or has an english translation.

Book a lesson with a professional driver trainer so you can pass the test first go!

List of Recognised Countries

Isle of Man ( for licences first issued on or after 1 April 1991)
Canada (licences from Ontario Canada must be surrendered and returned to the licensing authority)
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Malta (for licences first issued on or after 2 Jan 2004)
Finland UK
Netherlands (Holland)

Hong Kong (must be held for 12 months)
Czech Republic
Poland South Africa
Republic of Cyprus (Must be accompanied by one of the following a Cypriot Passport or Cyprus Identity card or letter of verification from the Cyprus High Commission of Canberra)
Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Any countries not listed in Recognised Countries and Jurisdictions, Driver experience recognised countries or not within the specified dates of validity.

Book a lesson with a professional driver trainer so you can pass the test first go!