Convert Overseas Licence To VIC Licence

How To Convert Your Overseas Licence To A VIC Licence[1]

Permanent Visa

You may drive in Victoria for the first 6 months since:

  • You’ve entered Australia, if your permanent visa was issued to you before you entered Australia
  • The date that your permanent visa was issued if you’ve received it while you were in Australia

Your overseas licence must be written in English or have an English translation. You can also drive with an international driving permit.

If you want to drive after these 6 months, you’ll need to get a Victorian licence.

If your overseas licence is from a recognised country, you may not need to take any tests.

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If you’re from a non-recognised country, you’ll need to call 13 11 71 to book a licence verification appointment before completing anything else.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

Temporary Visa

You don’t need to have a Victorian drivers licence or learner permit. You can drive with an international driving permit or your current overseas licence that’s written in English or has an english translation.

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