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Top 10 Reasons to Work with Trent

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1. Extreme job satisfaction 

LTrent driver trainers love their job. The satisfaction of guiding a young driver through the obstacles of learning how to drive to their test day is a rewarding experience.

2. Flexible work schedule to suit your lifestyle 

Gone are the days of working nine to five. Structure your work hours to help suit your work style, family needs, and other commitments.

3. Get out of the office 

LTrent driver trainers love being on the move in their local area. Each suburbs commands your expertise to help equip the next generation of young learner drivers the skills to survive on the road.

4. Ltrent¬†is Australia’s leading brand in the industry

As the nation’s leader in driver training. Working for a known brand will prove building loyalty and referrals from your students easy.

5. Community reputation

Ltrent trainers are built a reputation of excellence. They are seen as the best in the industry and are held in high regards in their local community and with regulators.

6. Technology driven

Technology is part of the way we operate. All our systems are online and are designed to make your life easier and for your students.

7. Best remuneration 

Ltrent¬†driver trainers enjoy the best remuneration package in the industry. But that’s not why our trainers are the best.

8. Valuing safety 

It is our responsibility as a driving school to ensure that every student that comes to us for tuition is taught to drive safely and correctly so that they are equipped to survive on the roads. Every driver trainer at Trent has this as their mission and are proud of the result they deliver.

9. Multiple roles

Unlike other driving schools there are many different roles that a qualified Trent trainer can pursue. These include, Safer Drivers Course facilitation, Safer Drivers Course coaching, older driver assessing, training trainers, training for community organisations, Keys2Drive, schools presenting and RYDA facilitation.

10. Excellent support

For you to be a truly exceptional driver trainer, we understand that you need the support of professional development training and your peers. At Trent we pride ourselves of continual improvement and we have the people and programs to help you.

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