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Road Safety School Program

Trent’s Road Safety Program

Trent Driving School delivers FREE presentations for Year 10, 11, and 12. We have specialised presenters to educate students about road safety.


Our popular presentations can align with your school programs

  • Year 10 road safety PDHPE curriculum.
  • Year 11 cross-roads program.

Our presentations are:

  • Engaging. So the students are active in the discussion and learn.
  • Flexible. To suit your schedule and work around lesson plans.
  • FREE. We believe that all students should have a least a basic understanding of road safety.
advanced driving course (25)


  • The most common crash types and how to avoid them
  • Influenced decisions
  • Getting through the graduated licencing system
  • Hazard perception

Our presentations are generally 30 minutes long. Sessions can be shorter or longer to suit your needs.