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At LTrent, we help students at all stages of driving. From passing the driving test to taking a refresher driving lesson.

LTrent happy student

Extremely grateful for your service!

I have been struggling with my confidence and was quite confused with all the fundamentals behind each parking skills. My teacher Simon was very patient and explained the minor details of all the driving skills. He helped me to perform better, as I understood why I had to do certain things at particular moments. I am extremely grateful for his persistence and motivation, pushing me into practising every week to reach our intended driving test date. I cannot believe even now that I have my red P plate in one attempt, and can now drive with confidence! Thank you so much, Simon!! ??

Very enjoyable learning experience

LTrent made the idea of getting my licence go from being a monumental chore to being an enjoyable learning experience regarding driver safety. Simon Ulitsky was a great instructor as he explained everything both clearly and in detail, and was more than happy to help out with anything I needed. I'll definitely be recommending LTrent to my friends and family.

Did the LTrent Safer Drivers Course

I did the Safer Driver Course with these guys and passed my test with them as well. Very structured and focused teaching that aims to help you be a better driver after the driver test when driving becomes the most dangerous, rather than just enough to pass the test.

Very Patient Driving Instructor

I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I have had a number of driving lessons from a driving instructor by the name of Syed. I found Syed to be a very patient driving instructor. Syed would explain instructions calmly and would never criticise me, but would try to explain an instruction in a different way if that was what was needed. Every lesson he would endeavor to boost my self confidence regarding driving. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Fun Way Of Teaching and Passed First Go

I just wanted to leave some feedback on the fantastic service delivery and quality provided by your instructor Jessica. She is not only professional but was quite knowledgeable and made each lesson easy to understand and remember. Although I had experience in driving she helped boost more confidence in me and taught me everything I needed to know and be well prepared for the test. She has a fun way of teaching things and is an amazing individual as well. I was really nervous on the test day as you always are and she played “We are the Champions” song on our way to the test ? must hand it to her it calmed me down and changed my mood from stressed to being ready and eager to give this test. And guess what I passed it in the first go without any issues. Thank you Jessica it has been a pleasure knowing and learning from you. You truly are an asset to the L Trent team and the company. I wish you all the best!! From A Happy & Satisfied Customer

Excellent Instructor and Helped Me Pass First Go

I’d like to thank George for being an excellent instructor and helping me pass first go for my Ps. As well as being very professional, he also brings a lot of humour to the lessons that make you feel comfortable and not completely judged. After completing the 20 hour safer driver course with George I got a 6 lesson pack and do not regret it one bit!

From Beginner To Passing First Go

Charles trained me from practically never having driven up to passing my driving test on the first go in only 20 on-road hours. Charles was an absolute pleasure to learn with, he made the process very relaxing and his calm and methodical style made learning a breeze. I never had a real desire to drive previously and after a few hours with Charles I was finding the experience very enjoyable and I started to really look forward to my next lessons with him. I couldn't recommend anyone else higher than Charles Mould to teach you to drive.

Very Flexible And Accomodating

Jes was an amazing driving instructor who made the entire experience fun and stress free. She adapts her style to what works best for the student, lets you learn at your pace, and most importantly, she stays calm and helps you manage your nerves too! She was very flexible with her schedule and tried her best to accommodate me ! She pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, the off road session was so stressful but by far the best thing I could have done to get more confident with my driving! I always looked forward to my driving lessons with her, more for her company than for the driving itself 🙂 She was also super calm and supportive on the day of the test when I was being a nervous wreck (I also passed the test!) I would highly highly recommend Jes to all students looking to sign up with LTrent.

I Got 100%

I can’t thank David P enough for being my instructor!! First go going for my P’s and I got 100%- all thanks to Dave ?? thank you for your patience and chats on all our lessons!!

Strongly Recommend 25 Lesson Pack As It Has So Much Value

MATT MAVRAKIS IS THE BEST!!! If it wasn’t for him I don’t know what I would have done!! I passed 1st go and I strongly suggest getting the 25 lesson pack as it has so much value!! Thank you Matt and thank you LTRENT.

110% Recommend To Anyone Trying To Learn Manual

I had darren R. For a couple lessons, he was super friendly & honest. The way he broke down the manuevers was easy to understand and made them less daunting, i passed first go and only done 2 lessons with him after finishing my 120hrs, i'd 110% recommend him to anyone trying to learn manual

Extremely Grateful For His Guidance, Knowledge, Patience And Humour

LTrent driving school gave me the confidence to feel comfortable on Sydney roads. Rob Barilla was a fantastic instructor and very supportive throughout the entire process. I'm extremely grateful for his guidance, knowledge, patience and humour. He makes sure that his student learns everything there is to know, to become a safe driver. He never stops teaching and encouraging you until you become 100% confident. He will also be there supporting you on the test day and ensures that the whole process goes smoothly. Thank you very much Rob and Ltrent!

My Experience With You Was Really Positive

My trainer was excellent (I passed first time and have walked away from the experience more confident and a better driver) and the operator in the office was friendly and helpful. I will definitly recommend Trent to my friends and family. My experience with you was really positive.

Thank You LTrent Driving School

I would just like to say your driving instructor Susan was awesome. She was polite and a very capable instructor. With out her instructions I wouldn't of passed my driving test thank you very much Susan and LTrent driving school

A First Class Experience

Robert Wade (Botany/ Eastern Suburbs location) is a fantastic driving instructor. I thought I might be a forever-learner but he has helped me pass my test first time. Always prompt, always offering guidance, always calm and positive. A first class experience.

Structured Teaching And Flexible Times

I went through NRMA and another private driving school and it didn't give me the patience and confidence Ltrent did with its structured teaching and flexible times. thank you for my Ps (which i totally didn't think i would get my first time round but i did!)

Couldn't Have Passed Without Your Lessons

I have had my Ls for quite a while i started lessons with L trent early last year and just got my red Ps last week. Cameron was a very patient teacher. I know i could not have passed without the lessons. Everyone who is a passenger with me remarks in the improvement in my driving and confidence since commencing my lessons. Thank you again for your patience and encouragement. Will definitely recommend L trent.

Professional, Helpful and Patient

Hi I would like to thank Roslyn for helping me get my p's. she has always been very professional,helpful and patience. I would highly recommend Roslyn and Trent driving school.

The Difference It Makes To Your Life Is Phenomenal!

First my daughter, then my daughter in law were polished through Trent. The difference it makes to your life is phenomenal! Both had the most encouraging instructors, who should know how much they touched and changed the lives of so many. Thank you.

Passed On First Attempt

I booked a ten-pack of lessons with L-Trent not really knowing what to expect. I was lucky enough to be paired with Geoff (Geoffrey Mourade) who was able to make me feel comfortable right from the outset. Geoff's approach to teaching is very calm and pleasant, allowing me to be in control of the vehicle the whole time while learning to improve every step of the way. I passed my driver's test today on the first attempt and I have to give Geoff full credit for being able to convert me from a mature-age novice into a P-plater in such a efficient and comprehensive way. L-Trent's entire approach to driving is about safety and comfort and though it gets you ready for the test, it also gets you ready to be a responsible and safe driver too. I think the latter is more important.

Important Role In My Manual Driving Experience

Great instructor who knew how to help work with my own driving qualities, thanks to Will I passed my test on the day I most needed it despite being nervous. He became an important role in my driving experience and I would definitely recommend having him as an instructor

Went Above And Beyond To Help Me Gain Confidence

Excellent experience with L trent. Highly recommend Wayne Levi! He was an amazing instructor, not only was he very patient and clear in all his instructions but he has a lovely personality and made my lessons easy and enjoyable. He went above and beyond to help me gain the confidence and experience to go for my test and offered support every step of the way. I did 4 lessons with him passed my test first go, 99%!!! Cant thank you enough

Super Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Safe

It's been more than 2 years for me but I've finally got my P's!! All thanks to Billy - super friendly, super knowledgeable and super safe driving instructor!! Really got my confidence up in preparing and was there every step of the way!

Gained P's First Try In Manual!

A big thank you to driving instructor Errol. My daughter Eliza gained her P's on her first attempt in a manual yesterday and she is 'over the moon'. My 22 yo son was taught by Errol 5 years ago and he was also successful in gaining his licence on his first attempt and again in a manual. 2/2 Errol- well done. Excellent instructor and all round nice bloke- can't recommend him highly enough. 1 more child to go. See you in 18 months Errol

Very Patient And Supportive

Yay, got my licence! Big thanks to the best instructor, Anup. I started from scratch with no idea how to drive but with his help and expertise it was easy breezy. He was very patient and supportive thus the learning process was not stressful at all. Most importantly, he always points out the importance of being a safe driver. Thanks again and will highly recommend L trent and Anup!

Fantastic Instructor

Thanks to Colin Degney I got my license this morning. He is a fantastic instructor. He built up my confidence and got me to a place where I can drive confidently on my own. If you're looking for a relatable, calm and professional driver book with Colin. Can't thank him enough!

LTrent Curriculum Is Very Comprehensive. Recommend To Anyone Learning To Drive

After a handful of disastrous driving lessons with family, followed by ten years sitting on my Ls, I was nervous about finally learning to drive. However, thanks to my L Trent instructor, Bernie, those days are behind me, after I passed my test last week on the first try. The L Trent curriculum is very comprehensive, and the workbook covers everything with clear instructions and diagrams. Having things explained clearly is a huge benefit. Of course, the best thing about learning to drive with L Trent was Bernie. Over the past year he has been the best instructor imaginable. Bernie is full of useful advice, like the benefits of slowing down for speed humps (they’re called speed humps, Bernie, not slow humps). He also laughs at my jokes, which was worth the price of admission by itself. I would recommend L Trent and particularly Bernie to anyone learning to drive, but especially people who are deeply incompetent.

Supportive and Encouraging

Just wanted to thank the wonderful Ton, who's patience, experience and all round excellence enabled me to pass my P's test first go yesterday! Ton really knows his stuff and was so supportive and encouraging all throughout my lessons and into and beyond the test. Thank you Ton, you are a legend!

Really Encouraging And Helpful

My instructor Paul is the absolute best. Really encouraging and super helpful, I feel like my driving has improved drastically in a really short amount of time. Would recommend these guys to anyone and everyone!

First Class Instructor

Passed Miranda Test first go. Preparation with my instructor Scott Hogan was first class. The LTrent pre-test on road assessment was a great indication that I would pass. Thanks Scott

LTrent Had The Answer!

A few weeks ago I had decided to call Ltrent. I was in a dire situation after not receiving my licence after multiple attempts at the test, After hours & hours of lessons with other driving schools and with no real reason to keep up the struggle of getting my Ps. LTRENT had the answer. They sent in one of their finest, GEORGE was the man for the job! Helped me get my confidence behind the wheel back up, Coached me on what the instructors look for & gave me all the knowledge he could spare on how to be a safe driver. And of course I passed my Driving test 100% no errors, All thanks to George! I recommend George & Ltrent to everyone.

Recommend To Anyone Wanting To Get On The Road

Neeta really helped me obtain my driving license. She helped me every step of the way and was by my side. I highly recommend Neeta and ltrent to anyone who wants to get on the road and have freedom

Taught Me How To Drive Safely, Not Just Pass The Test

Bernie was a really great instructor who taught me how to drive safely, not just how to pass the test. After just a few lessons I passed the test first go with 100%. Thanks Bernie, couldn't have done it without you!!

Changed From A Dangerous Driver To A Safe Driver

Told my instructor i would write a review on him so here i am! Today i passed my P's test with help from Greg, Thanks to him i was able to pass it on the first go and also see a bushturkey for the first time in my area 🙂 I changed from a dangerous driver to a safe driver with his help and if it wasn't for his helpful guidance i wouldn't have been able to pass it. I will definitely miss our fun talks while driving and highly recommend Ltrent Driving School to others. I hope you see this message Greg Sutton! and i appreciate what you've done for me

Superior To Any Other School

I cannot recommend L Trent driving school enough! My experience with another driving school was abysmal so I know the difference a learning system and a fantastic instructor (Nic) can make. L Trent have a learning plan designed for new drivers to reach targets and drive safely and with confidence. I learned to drive a manual at the age of 27. Held off driving for years to due having bad experiences in road traffic accidents when I was young. I would recommend their system of learning to anyone of any age. Superior to any other school in Sydney. Thank you Nic! A total gent who wants the best for his students. Will work with you until you get things right and keeps your confidence up. Got me driving confidently and safety after a poor experience with another instructor and 10 years of being terrified to drive. I trusted him 100% and in doing so passed my test first time.

Very Happy Person Now

After waiting for such a long time I finally have passed my p test, a huge thank you to Gerard from Granville area, he took great care in making sure that I was able to handle the car well, and found he was a great instructor (especially after having a few) to pass the test. He took extra care in showing me how to drive safely and trained me on how to drive on any road, and not just the test route or roads that I knew well, he gave me the skills and competency so that I could pass the test anywhere. Thank you Gerard for all the effort you put in made me a very happy person now that I got my licence!

Best Driving Teacher I've Ever Had

Steve (my driving instructor) was the best driving teacher I have even had! He made me a confident and in control driver. Not only did I get my P’s but I actually enjoy driving now! Thank you so much Steve

Lesson Plans Are Well Thought Out

My instructor was Gary Everingham, and thanks to him I passed my Ps test FIRST TRY! You wont find a safer, friendlier, or more experienced instructor anywhere. His lesson plans are well thought out and his method of teaching is exceptional. If you're looking to learn to drive, or even brush up on your skills I fully recommend Gary.

Passed Test With Flying Colours

A MASSIVE thanks to George K for helping me pass my ps test with flying colours, aswell as making my learning experience an enjoyable one. At first I was initially apprehensive about my driving techniques and skills, but each lesson he continually worked on building up my confidence and got me to a place where I can now drive confidently on my own and overall be a safe driver. If you're looking for an easy going & knowledgeable instructor George is the go! Can't thank him enough!

Definitely Recommend To Friends And Family!

Big thanks to LTrent and my instructor Bernie for helping me pass my p's first go! Made me feel calm and confident during the lessons and in my ability to drive safely, will be recommending the driving school to friends and family!

Strongly Endorse Charlotte and LTrent Team

After a hiatus of 18yrs, it was time to get back in the driving seat (badum tsh) with some professional assistance - enter L Trent Driving School. My instructor Charlotte Boreland was highly competent, patient and friendly. She quickly put me at ease, and helped me regain my confidence on the roads within just 5 valuable lessons. I strongly endorse Charlotte & Team, to any potential new drivers and those in need of refresher lessons. I’m now continuing to build up my experience by seemingly chauffeuring Hubby around, but I certainly won’t be waiting 18yrs to switch roles!

From Nervous To Confident

Even though I had waited a long time until I decided to finally learn to drive, when I signed up I was still incredibly nervous, and at times thought I’d never be able to do it. George K. was endlessly patient, and managed to strike the right balance between pushing me out of my comfort zone but without it being scary or stressful. I now have my P’s and I feel confident driving on my own. I know I couldn’t have achieved that with the lessons from George K.

Lessons Are Worth It!

I had Chris W, from the inner west. He was an amazing instructor and really can't recommend Trent enough to my other friends who are still on their learner's licences. The lessons are really worth the premium price!


Today I passed my p's on my first try no doubt as a result of the expert help from Jes. Not only is she a great instructor, shes really friendly and easy to talk with. I'm so grateful to have done my lessons with her. 11/10

Became A Confident Driver!

I can’t thank my instructor George from Ltrent enough! After being on my L’s for nearly three years and still not confident in my driving ability or road skills, I came to George to help me out. He was patient and supportive, going back to basics to help me learn the fundamentals of manual driving. I looked forward to my lessons with George, as he was easy to get along with and encouraging. With George’s encouragement I began to feel more confident on the road and was able to start practicing advanced manoeuvres such as reverse parallel parking and three point turns. Within a few months I was ready to do my test, passing on my first go! I can attest this result to the help and support of George. As a busy uni student, another great quality of George was his flexibility with lesson bookings and times. This was extremely helpful, as it allowed driving to work around my schedule.

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