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What Are the Rules for Indicating in Roundabouts

What Are the Rules for Indicating in Roundabouts | LTrent Driving School

Road rules are essential when you’re first learning to drive. It’s also important to know that the rules vary depending on the situation. It’s wise to learn about driving laws from a credible source before getting behind the wheel.

In this article, we’ll be covering the rules for indicating roundabouts in Victoria and NSW. Breaking these laws will result in you accumulating demerit points on your license. Accumulate enough of these points, and you may get a suspension.


Are You Allowed to U-turn if There Isn’t A Sign

A U-turn is a dangerous manoeuvre that must be performed with awareness and precision. Careless or abrupt manoeuvres can result in deadly crashes. Not by chance, U-turns are dealt with carefully by local road traffic legislation. Situations where they’re allowed, are prescribed in a detailed manner.

Perform a U-turn only when there’s a road sign allowing it, although there are exceptions. In any case, you should always have an unobstructed view of approaching traffic before doing this manoeuvre. Always observe the road rules. In this article, we’ll discuss when it’s allowed and not allowed to perform a U-turn.


How Helpful Are Driving Lessons

How Helpful Are Driving Lessons Blog | LTrent Driving School BlogIt doesn’t matter if you are a learner driver or if you already have some driving experience – you can benefit from additional driving lessons. Whether you are a teenager hoping to pass the driving test, an experienced driver who is looking into improving your driving skills or a resident who needs to transfer their overseas licence, adding more hours of driving under your belt can be beneficial in many ways.

Here’s how driving lessons can help.


9 Manual Driving Test Tips to Ace Your Test

9 Manual Driving Test Tips to Ace Your Test Blog | Ltrent Driving School

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Whether you are a learner driver getting ready for your test or an experienced driver who wants to progress on a full (unrestricted) driver’s licence, learning how to drive in a manual car can be difficult. Below, you will find nine tips that will help you pass your test and feel more confident driving a manual car.


Should I Avoid Doing My Driving Test During School Hours

Should I Avoid Doing My Driving Test During School Hours Blog | LTrent Driving School Learning to drive and passing your driving test is an important milestone for most people. Understandably, you may feel anxious and nervous anticipating your driving test and you may want to ensure you do everything you can to increase your chances of passing the test. One question we get asked frequently is if it’s a good idea to avoid taking the driving test during school hours.

Here’s what you should know.