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Safely Driving On Country Roads


Ltrent Safe Driving on country roads

Rural driving is a bit different from driving in urban and suburban areas. While the same road rules apply throughout NSW and VIC, it’s a good idea to keep a few safe driving tips in mind if you’re going on a country drive or going on a road trip through rural areas. Here is some advice from LTrent Driving School.


Christmas Holidays Driving Tips

Ltrent Christmas Driving Tips

Planning to drive to visit family or friends this holiday season? Here are a few top tips from LTrent Driving School that will help you stay safe throughout Christmas and the New Year!


Why Are Stopping And Following Distances Important?

Stopping Distances Ltrent Driving If you’re a learner driver, you may have heard that you should keep a certain amount of time and space between you and the vehicle in front of you. This is called “stopping distance,” “following distance,” or “reaction distance” depending on who you ask. In this blog, LTrent Driving School will provide some tips and information about stopping and following distances.


Driving Lessons During School Holidays

LTrent School Holiday Driving Classes

If you would like to prepare for your driving test, scheduling driver training with professional driving instructors in NSW and VIC may seem like a great idea.

But you may have some questions about the availability of driving schools and driving instructors during school holidays. Can you book lessons during school holidays? Get the answers you need from LTrent Driving School now!


Where is the Best Place to Learn to Drive in Melbourne

Where is the Best Place to Learn to Drive in Melbourne | LTrent

Learning to drive in a busy city can be daunting. If you’re already nervous about getting behind the wheel, the thought of sharing the road with lots of other drivers and pedestrians won’t help. Fortunately, even in a city like Melbourne, there are some great spots for inexperienced drivers to learn the ropes in relative peace and quiet.


How to Drive Safely With Friends in the Car

How to Drive Safely With Friends in the Car | LTrent Driving School

When you are driving with passengers, you are responsible for ensuring their safety. But it’s easy to get distracted with friends in the car, here’s what you need to know to keep your focus on the road.


What’s Happening With Safe Driver Training During the Pandemic

What's Happening With Safe Driver Training During the Pandemic | LTrent Blog

At any given time, there are thousands of Australians learning to drive. The COVID-19 pandemic has made life complicated for many of these people as they adjust to ever-changing rules and regulations. Students can still practice their driving and undertake safe driver courses & training, but they need to be aware of the new guidance.


How To Drive Safely In Fog

How To Drive Safely In Fog | LTrent Driving School

Visibility is absolutely critical for driving safely, which is why fog is one of the most difficult weather conditions for new drivers. How can you stay safe while driving in fog as a learner? In this guide from LTrent Driving School, we’ll look at a few simple tips you can use to safely drive in foggy conditions.


Traffic Stops: Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Traffic Stops: Safety Tips For Teen Drivers | LTrent Driving School

You look in your rear-view mirror and you see a police officer signalling for you to stop. Your heart skips a beat. What should you do when you’re pulled over for a traffic stop to stay safe? Read on to see our top safety tips for teen drivers during traffic stops.


What Are Driving Blind Spots & How To Overcome Them

What Are Driving Blind Spots & How To Overcome Them | LTrrent Driving School

Failing to check your blind spot can cause you to immediately fail your driving test, and this can also put you in a dangerous situation when you’re learning to drive. But what is a blind spot, and how can you deal with it? Find out with these safety tips from LTrent Driving School.