How Many Driving Lessons Are Required By Law In NSW & ACT | LTrent

How Many Driving Lessons Are Required By Law In NSW & ACT

How Many Driving Lessons Are Required By Law In NSW & ACT | LTrent

If you’re beginning your journey to learn to drive and are eager to understand the road rules, you might wonder about the requirements for passing your driving test, specifically the necessity for professional instruction from a driving instructor.

This guide clarifies how many driving lessons you need to obtain your driver’s licence in NSW and ACT, and discusses the advantages of professional driving schools.

Are Professional Driving Lessons Required by Law?

Contrary to popular belief, obtaining professional driving lessons from a driving school is not a legal requirement for learner drivers in NSW or ACT to secure their L or P licence. Learner drivers can accrue driving experience under the supervision of any fully licensed driver without the need for a professional driving instructor.

This means that while it’s possible to learn to drive safely and competently with family members or friends who possess a standard driver’s licence, professional driving lessons are not mandated by law. However, the benefits of engaging a professional should not be overlooked.

Benefits of Professional Driving Instruction

Even though professional driving lessons are not legally required, they offer substantial benefits:

Enhanced Practical Driving Skills: Professional driving instructors specialise in teaching essential driving skills more effectively than a non-professional supervising driver, such as a family member. This expertise helps learner drivers become more confident and competent behind the wheel.
Accelerated Log Book Completion: Professional lessons can help complete this requirement faster.

State Specific Requirements for Driving Hours


  • 3-for-1 Driving Lessons Scheme: In NSW, the scheme allows up to 10 lessons to be recorded as 30 hours in the log book. Note that lessons conducted during night hours (between sunset and sunrise) are counted as a single hour each.
  • Optional Course: The Safer Drivers Course is designed to teach young drivers critical safety skills, and upon completion, participants are rewarded with 20 bonus logbook hours.

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  • Driving Hours Credit: Each hour with an ACT Accredited Driving Instructor triples in value, up to a maximum of 10 hours, translating to 30 hours of log book credit.
  • Optional Courses: ACT offers courses such as the ‘Vulnerable Road User Program’ (10 hours), and the ‘Learner Driver First Aid Program’ (5 hours) for additional log book credits

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Why Get Professional Driving Lessons if Not Required by Law?

Professional driving instruction provides a deep understanding of road rules and practical techniques. Structured lessons from driving schools like LTrent not only cover essential driving and safety aspects but also significantly boost the likelihood of passing the driving test on the first attempt.

LTrent is The Best Choice for Driving Lessons

LTrent Driving School stands as the best option for professional driving lessons as we offer these unique features:

  • Safety Wheel Concept: This methodology combines various safety procedures into a cohesive system, helping new drivers recognize and handle potential dangers effectively.
  • Structured Curriculum: LTrent’s curriculum progresses through clear stages, covering everything from vehicle control to defensive driving, ensuring comprehensive skill development.
  • Student Record Card: This tool tracks learners’ progress, highlights areas for improvement, and allows for personalised learning experiences.
  • Comprehensive Practical Application: Extensive real-world practice is included to prepare learners for various driving conditions and scenarios, enhancing both confidence and competence.

These aspects of LTrent’s approach provide a more holistic and effective learning experience compared to standard driving lessons, focusing not just on passing the driving test but on creating skilled, safe, and confident drivers.

LTrent: The Best Choice Driving School in NSW & ACT

While not a legal requirement, professional driving instruction significantly enhances driving skills and log book hour completion. LTrent Driving School stands out as a premier provider of quality driving lessons across NSW and ACT. Interested in starting your driving lessons with us? Reach out through our online enquiry form for more information and to book your first lesson.

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Engaging in professional driving lessons can accelerate your journey to becoming a proficient driver, ensuring you learn the correct driving skills, understand road rules thoroughly, and can confidently navigate your practical driving test.