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Most Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make

Most Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make | LTrent Blog

Learning to drive is challenging. Driving a car as a beginner involves learning a lot of road rules, and as learners, drivers can make a lot of common mistakes.

Lack of knowledge that is second nature to experienced drivers can cause some dangerous errors when driving. These mistakes can lead to dangerous situations when you’re out for driving lessons or practice – and lead you to fail your driving test if you make them during your test. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the most common mistakes learner drivers make – and show you how to avoid them.


What Is The Digital Learner Log Book

What Is The Digital Learner Log Book | LTrent Driving School Blog

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If you’re preparing to become licence ready and take your driving test, you may be wondering if you have to use a paper logbook while you’re learning to drive. And there’s good news – you don’t!

Today, there are logbook app options available which can replace a paper log book. You can use these digital log book apps on your mobile phone while learning to drive, and automatically record your time driven, the distance of each one of your driving sessions, and more. Just tap the record button, and you’re good to go! It’s just that easy.


What You Need To Know About The NSW Digital Driver Licence (DDL)

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After a successful trial, any NSW driver can now use the NSW Digital Driver Licence (DDL). The Digital Driver Licence is the digital version of your NSW Driver Licence, and it’s available on the Service NSW App.

Wondering what the DDL is, and if it’s right for you? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the basics of the NSW Digital Driver Licence, and discuss everything that you need to know.


Rules For Learner Drivers

Rules For Learner Drivers | Ltrent Driving School | Blog

The Most Important Things To Know

If you’re a learner driver and you’re looking to take your driving test, you may be wondering what rules you need to follow while you learn to drive and record hours in your log book. Find out some of the most important rules that apply to drivers with a learner licence below!