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Most Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make

Most Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make | LTrent Blog

Learning to drive is challenging. Driving a car as a beginner involves learning a lot of road rules, and as learners, drivers can make a lot of common mistakes.

Lack of knowledge that is second nature to experienced drivers can cause some dangerous errors when driving. These mistakes can lead to dangerous situations when you’re out for driving lessons or practice – and lead you to fail your driving test if you make them during your test. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at the most common mistakes learner drivers make – and show you how to avoid them.

1. Not Following Posted Speed Limits

You should be aware of posted speed limits at all times, and never exceed the speed limit. You need to also be aware of things that could affect the posted speed limit – such as construction and school zones. You also cannot exceed 90 km/h as a learner driver, even in areas where the posted speed limit is higher.

2. Not Checking Mirrors Regularly

As a learner driver, it’s important to be as defensive as possible when driving. That means you should always know what’s going on around you. You should be looking at your mirrors regularly to make sure you have an understanding of the drivers around you. Most experts recommend checking one of your mirrors (rearview, front driver’s side and front passenger’s side) around every 5-8 seconds.

3. Relying Only On Mirrors And Not “Head Checking” Blind Spots

Do not rely only on mirrors to see behind you and next to you. This mistake can lead to a seriously dangerous situation on the road, and cause you to fail your driver’s test immediately. You must perform regular “head checks” to look at your blind spot.

This means you turn your head 90 degrees to look to your side and behind you. This must be done when you:

  • Move to the kerb to complete a manoeuvre
  • Leave the kerb to join traffic
  • Change lanes, merge into a different lane or diverge from a lane
  • Turn at an intersection
  • Cross lanes within a roundabout, as well as exiting
  • Complete a 3-point turn
  • Conduct a reverse parallel park
  • Proceed after traffic lights turn green (to check for vehicles/people who may have run the red light)

Get in the habit of performing a “head check” during all of these manoeuvres – it will ensure your safety when changing lanes and much more.

4. Failing To Completely Stop At A Stop Sign

You must always make a habit of completely stopping at stop signs. Failing to do so could result in tickets, dangerous driving situations, or failing your driving test if you do not fully stop at a stop sign during the test.

5. Not Signalling Properly

Did you know that you must signal with your turn indicator for at least 5 seconds before you leave a kerb or parked position? You must also signal for a few seconds – when exiting a roundabout, changing lanes or turning at a traffic light or stop sign. Proper indicating is essential for road safety!

Avoid These Common Mistakes New Drivers Make!

As a new driver, we know there’s a lot to learn. But safety cannot be rushed or overlooked – so make sure you take the time to study up, and avoid these common mistakes. Making these mistakes can cause you to fail your driving test – and if you make them during practice, you could endanger other people on the road. Be responsible, and take steps to ensure road safety for your fellow drivers!

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