February 2023 | LTrent

How To Drive Safely In Traffic

How Can I Drive Safely In Traffic? Our Top Tips And Advice For Safe Driving | LTrent Driving School Blog

Navigating through traffic congestion can be intimidating to many drivers, and the tension it creates can affect your performance on the road. Driving in heavy traffic usually requires more concentration and skill to keep up with your surroundings and driving conditions. This can be daunting, especially to inexperienced drivers.

Below, professional instructors from LTrent Driving School provide safety tips for successfully driving through heavy traffic.


Do I Need To Do The Safer Drivers Course

Do I Need To Do The Safer Drivers Course? | LTrent Driving Lessons

Although the Safer Drivers Course is not mandatory for all drivers, it will benefit drivers of all experience levels. As a young driver, you need to develop safe driving skills and be able to make well-informed decisions behind the wheel.

So in short, yes you should complete the Safer Drivers Course. Drivers who have completed this course can obtain their provisional licences more easily, according to Transport for NSW.

Interested in the Safer Drivers Course? Continue reading to learn more about this course, its requirements, and its benefits.


The Best Places To Practice Driving In Western Sydney

The Best Places To Practice Driving In Western Sydney | LTrent Driving School Blog

If you’re learning to drive in Western Sydney, you may not be sure where to practice driving.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of great places near Parramatta, Blacktown, Liverpool, Penrith, and the surrounding areas where you can get a handle on the basics, and build your confidence behind the wheel.

In this blog from LTrent Driving School, we’ll give you a few of our top recommendations for the best places to practice driving in Western Sydney.