Do I Need To Do The Safer Drivers Course? | LTrent Driving Lessons

Do I Need To Do The Safer Drivers Course

Do I Need To Do The Safer Drivers Course? | LTrent Driving Lessons

Although the Safer Drivers Course is not mandatory for all drivers, it will benefit drivers of all experience levels. As a young driver, you need to develop safe driving skills and be able to make well-informed decisions behind the wheel.

So in short, yes you should complete the Safer Drivers Course. Drivers who have completed this course can obtain their provisional licences more easily, according to Transport for NSW.

Interested in the Safer Drivers Course? Continue reading to learn more about this course, its requirements, and its benefits.

What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course is a program designed for learner drivers in Australia. It teaches drivers how to drive safely and develop the skills needed to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

This course can help young drivers to understand hazard awareness, speed management, safe following, and gap selection. The course components explore the challenges that unsupervised drivers face upon completing the test.

Through this course, you will learn ways to deal with distractions, external influences, and the importance of thinking ahead. The Safe Drivers Course is a two-module program that includes both in-class lessons and car coaching sessions.

Module 1 – The first module comprises theory and in-class learning activities. It includes a 3-hour facilitated interactive discussion with your peers and instructor where you will learn the behaviours and tips for becoming a safer driver. This module covers speed management, gap selection, following distance, and external and internal influences.
Module 2 – The second module involves a practical in-car coaching session. This is where you put what you learned in module one into practice. You will have a 2-hour coaching session with peers in the car with a driver trainer, where you will execute the behaviours and risk management strategies for eliminating major crash types that happen on NSW roads.

The Safer Drivers Course Requirements

To attend the Safer Drivers Course, you must:

  • Be under 25 years old.
  • Hold a NSW learner’s Licence.
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 logbook hours on the road – excluding any 3 for one bonus hours.

LTrent Driving School is a NSW certified provider which will offer you the Safer Drivers Course if you meet these requirements.

The Benefits of Taking the Safer Drivers Course

After completing your Safer Drivers Course, you will have increased knowledge of being a safe P-plate and confident driver. This course can also help you become more aware of your surroundings and develop better driving habits.

You can get additional benefits for attending the Safer Drivers Course at LTrent Driving School, including:

  • 20 logbook hours
  • Knowledge of low-risk driving strategies
  • Ability to identify hazards on the road
  • Techniques of being a safe P-plate and defensive driver
  • Personalised training from our highly qualified LTrent instructors

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LTrent Driving School is a Transport for NSW accredited provider committed to helping you take your driving skills to the next level through our comprehensive Safer Drivers Course. Book your slot online or call us at (02) 8748 4500 to learn more about the availability of the course and our locations.

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