June 2021 | LTrent

Can International Students Drive in Australia

Life in a different country is exciting and confusing, especially for an international student. Add driving to the mix, and it’s no wonder how someone can become so disoriented. Australia is a vast country, and driving makes travelling so much easier for an international student to go to any educational institution. There’s always public transportation, but that option can be severely limiting for our temporary residents. With that being said, can international students drive in Australia? We must follow some road rules, so let’s break down what our international students need to know to drive safely.


What Are Some Helpful Parking Tips

What Are Some Helpful Parking Tips | LTrent Driving School Blog

As of January of 2020, there were over 19 million registered motor vehicles on the roads in Australia. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to tap the brakes and assess one of the most fundamental driving skills – parking. Let’s be honest. Not all drivers know how to park perfectly.