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What Are The 3 Characteristics Of Safe Drivers? Top Safety Traits

What Are The 3 Characteristics Of Safe Drivers? Top Safety Traits | LTrent Driving School Blog

At LTrent Driving School, we’ve been teaching learners how to become safe drivers for years. But what separates bad drivers from good drivers? How can you become a better driver?

There are a lot of things that go into this – but in this blog, we’ve boiled driver safety down to 3 top characteristics. Read on to learn more, and see what characteristics are most important for improving your traffic safety skills.

1. Know And Follow The Rules Of The Road

Many accidents can be avoided by simply following the rules of the road, and doing things such as obeying the speed limit, signalling properly when turning and merging, maintaining proper distance between you and the cars in front of you, and so on.

This makes sense, when you think about it. Road rules are there for a reason. They’re meant to protect you and other drivers by ensuring you drive consistently and predictably. So by following road rules, you don’t just avoid traffic violations – you improve traffic safety for yourself, and for the drivers around you.

2. Be Proactive – Not Reactive

Safe drivers are proactive, not reactive. Being reactive means only responding to situations in traffic around you – like slamming on your brakes when a car in front of you stops unexpectedly.

In contrast, being proactive means anticipating the potential actions of others. For example, by paying attention to the car in front of you and maintaining proper distance, you will give yourself more time to brake if they stop unexpectedly – which reduces the risk of an accident.

Proactive drivers look ahead of themselves on the road, check their mirrors to ensure they know which vehicles are next to them, and take other such steps. Being proactive means that you will be able to better react when other cars on the road make unexpected or dangerous manoeuvres.

3. Always Stay In Full Control Of Your Vehicle

Keep both hands on the steering wheel. Avoid distracted driving, even fiddling with the radio or aircon. Keep your eyes on the road. Check your mirrors frequently. Be prepared to brake or accelerate at any time.

In a simple phrase, always stay in full control of your vehicle. Lots of accidents happen because you take your eyes off of the road or otherwise are unprepared to react properly to an unexpected on-road situation. Being in control means you’ll have the best chance of avoiding an accident.

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Learning about the top characteristics of safe drivers isn’t enough – you need the proper knowledge, training, and experience to put this advice into practice. And that’s exactly what we offer at LTrent Driving School! Book our Safer Drivers Course now, and see how our professional instructor can help you improve your skills, confidence, and safety on the road.

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