May 2023 | LTrent

Why You Shouldn’t Fake Your Logbook Hours (80)


If we were trying to scare you, we would tell you that you would get caught if you faked your logbook hours. And that there would be devastating consequences. We would tell you that there’s a fine up to $6600, being barred to take the driving test for up to 6 weeks and that you would be taking an unnecessarily dangerous risk.

But the truth is, there are many people who fake their logbook hours and don’t get caught.


What Topics are Covered in the Safer Drivers Course

What Topics are Covered in the Safer Drivers Course | LTrent Driving School Blog

Are you ready to become a safer driver? Whether you’re a new driver or have been behind the wheel for years, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to road safety. That’s why taking a Safer Drivers Course can be incredibly beneficial. But what exactly does this course cover? In this blog post, we’ll look at the topics covered in the Safer Drivers Course and how they can help you become a more confident and responsible driver.


What are Defensive Driving Skills?

What are Defensive Driving Skills? | Ltrent Driving School Blog Are you looking to stay safe on the road and reduce your chances of getting into a motor vehicle accident? If so, then defensive driving skills are essential for you to learn. Being a defensive driver is more than just following the road rules; it requires paying attention to your surroundings, anticipating problems, and responding quickly if needed.

In this article, we will teach you all about defensive driving skills and techniques. We will explain what defensive driving is, why it is essential, and provide tips on improving.


What Factors Affect Your Ability To Drive Safely

What Factors Affect Your Ability To Drive Safely | LTrent Blog

Driving safely is an essential skill that not everyone possesses. It requires a combination of knowledge, awareness, and experience. Many factors can affect your ability to drive safely, including physical and mental factors, drinking, driving experience, and sleep deprivation.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driver behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, understanding these safety issues can significantly reduce the risk of accidents on the road.


First Time Driving Tips

Learning to drive for the first time is a milestone that many people look forward to and can be an exciting adventure. However, for first-time drivers, especially teens, it can be challenging to know how to handle the experience. In this article, we’ll discuss four tips for new drivers that you should keep in mind when driving for the first time.


How Does a Safety Driving Course Help You Reduce Risk

Safer driving courses equip learner drivers with the skills and knowledge to be safe on Australian roads. Upon completion, participants can identify and react quickly to common risks on the road by implementing safe driving practices.

From learning how to handle adverse climatic conditions to recognising and reacting to hazards faster, a safety driving course gives drivers everything they need to reduce the risk on the road. Here are some benefits of the NSW Safer Drivers Course.


How to Keep a Safe Distance When Driving

Keeping a safe distance | LTrent Blog As we hit the road, it’s essential to remember that being behind the wheel comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether cruising through town or heading down the highway, our attention to safety should be a top priority.

One aspect often overlooked while driving is maintaining a safe distance from other cars. This post will explore tips and tricks for keeping a comfortable and secure space between you and your fellow drivers.