December 2023 | LTrent

Best Places To Learn To Drive In & Around Canberra

Best Places To Learn To Drive In & Around Canberra | LTrent Driving School

If you’re learning to drive in the ACT, you may not know where to start. While we do highly recommend taking driving lessons in Canberra with instructors from LTrent Driving School. To enhance your driving ability and learn the road rules in ACT, you may also be wondering where you can practise on your own.

So in this guide, we’ll go over a few of the best places that you can learn to drive in Canberra, based on your experience and confidence level.


L & P Plate Restrictions In ACT

L & P Plater Drivers Restrictions In ACT | LTrent Driving School Blog A variety of ACT government road safety changes proposed by Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury took effect in 2020, and if you have a learner licence or provisional licence in ACT, you need to make sure that you know these changes to drive legally and safely.

Whether you just got your Ls or have passed your hazard perception testing and other requirements to get your Ps, learner and provisional drivers alike need to know about this driving laws update in 2020 – so get the details you need below.