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How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn To Drive A Car

How Many Hours Does It Take To Learn To Drive A Car | Pass First Go Driving Lessons The thought of spending hours of driving in a car gaining the experience needed to drive can be a bit overwhelming for learner drivers. Attending a qualified driving school can assist you to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Learner drivers must have 120 hours of driving experience to include:

  • 20 hours of night driving experience
  • Holding the learner licence for at least 12 months
  • 50 logbook hours of driving with actual experience

Driving schools have intensive courses that can assist you in logging your hours and ensuring that you complete all the requirements in order to obtain your licence. The number of lessons you need will vary depending on how comfortable you feel on the road.

Safety Driving Courses

The NSWSafer Driver Course is often recommended for learner drivers and can add hours to your experience.

  • 3 hours in class
  • 2 hours in the car
  • Provides you with 20 hours in the logbook

Safety courses can boost confidence and provide you with the education you need to pass the driving test. Safer Drivers Courses can also provide you with intimate knowledge of the rules of the road. You must complete a certain amount of logbook hours before enrolling in the safer drivers course.

The advanced skills that you learn in a safety driving course along with the additional driving hours that are logged, make this an appealing solution to be a confident, responsible driver.

Driving Schools

Driving schools offer several lessons per week and some offer hour lessons on short notice. It generally takes a person about 50 hours of actual driving hours before they feel comfortable enough to drive on their own.

Driving schools can help with driving lessons that log actual driving hours. Driving schools have mobile applications that serve as a digital logbook offering portable convenience in logging your hours of driving.

Keeping proper records of the hours that you drive is important for obtaining your licence. Driving schools can assist in this. Instructors are also able to zone in on your weaknesses in order to strengthen them to capitalize on those driving hours.

Lessons come fully equipped with a knowledgeable driving instructor which is valuable in learning to drive. Driving instructors give you insight into applying what you learned from the classroom and applying it to the road.

Using the same car for the driver’s test that you have familiarized yourself with while gaining your experience as a driver increases your potential to pass the test. It also makes you feel more comfortable and eases anxieties on the road.

The driving school dynamics allow for classroom instruction to pass the practical test coupled with actual driving hours to pass the driving test. This unique pairing will ensure that you are fully prepared and act responsibly in embracing your new freedom when you obtain your driver’s licence.

Parent Refresher & Guidance

Practice makes perfect. Driving with a parent is an excellent way to gain extra time and experience. Some driving schools offer refresher courses for parents and tips on what to teach their learner driver to successfully prepare them to pass the driving test.

A collaborative effort to mentor and guide learner drivers for their safety, and ours should be a primary focus and most driving schools are inclusive for parents. This may also assist in giving parents peace of mind about the use of the family car.


The number of hours it will take to learn how to drive a car depends on the confidence level of the learner while engaging in driver education. A supportive network of driving instructors and parents will reinforce the skills they learn. LTrent is Australia’s premium Driving School, operating in NSW and VIC. Book a driving lesson with one of our professional instructors.

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