November 2014 | LTrent

You will always drive your worst during the test (61)
The purpose of the driving test is to determine if a learner driver has the requisite skills to drive as a low-risk solo driver.
After many hours behind the wheel, driving lessons and countless reverse parks, a learner should be ready to pass the test.
Trent driver trainers often see other factors getting in the way.
Nerves and the fear of failure can often reduce your ability to perform when the examiner is watching. All too often we see competent drivers rush decisions when in a test situation and not able to perform simple manoeuvres as the situation becomes more stressful.
The best way to counter this is to train with the test in mind.
As you progress and gain more skills and ability, your Trent driver trainer will test the skills that you have acquired.
The more times you repeat this process, the more comfortable you will be when you are being assessed.
Just driving around your local area time and again is not the way to get test ready – you need to practice.
A couple of mock tests with your trainer will help immensely.

Book a practice test today! 

Try not to set unrealistic expectations of yourself prior to the test or think that it is the end of the world if you do fail. This will just create extra pressure.
Focus on being a safer driver than the RMS requires and a little slip on game day won’t matter.