April 2023 | LTrent

How to Reduce Risk While Driving

How to Reduce Risk While Driving | LTrent BlogDriving can be a risky endeavour. From heavy traffic to bad weather, there are many potential dangers on the road. However, with the right attitude and preparation, you can reduce the risk of crashing and enjoy a safe journey every time you hit the road.

This article will cover critical tips for avoiding risk when driving. From developing your driving skills to getting familiar with road conditions and taking extra care in challenging weather, these tips can help you stay safe.


Is It Illegal To Eat While Driving In Australia

Is It Illegal To Eat & Drive In Australia | LTrent Driving School Blog

Whether you’re just starting as a learner driver or already fully licensed, you may wonder if eating while driving is illegal in Australia. Most of us have grabbed a snack on a road trip or even enjoyed a burger behind the wheel, but is there a law prohibiting eating while driving?

Please note that this blog is explicitly for entertainment and informational purposes. For more information, you should consult your state, territory and/or city’s specific rules and laws.


Overtaking Safely – Tips for NSW Drivers

Top Things To Consider When Overtaking | LTrent Driving School

You may need to overtake another vehicle if it is moving under the speed limit. When passing a car in front of you, you must keep other road users safe and follow all road rules. In this post, the team at LTrent Driving School will share some of the top things you need to be aware of when passing a vehicle.


Safely Driving On Country Roads

Ltrent Safe Driving on country roads

Driving in rural areas differs slightly from driving in suburban and urban areas. Although traffic rules remain the same throughout VIC and NSW, it’s an excellent idea to consider several driving tips if you are planning a road trip or going for a country drive. Here are some essential guidelines from LTrent Driving School.