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Tailgating Laws In NSW

Tailgating Laws In NSW | LTrent Driving School & Lessons

Tailgating is a dangerous driving habit. It’s a leading cause of rear end crashes on NSW roads. If you’ve ever been tailgated due to road rage – or tailgated another driver by following them at an unsafe distance – you may be wondering what the law says about tailgating in NSW. Is it against road rules and laws? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the details about tailgating laws in New South Wales, so that you can develop a better understanding of road safety. Let’s get started now. 

Tailgating In NSW Is Illegal For All Drivers

It is illegal to follow the car in front of you without maintaining a safe distance, according to the law in New South Wales. This law is defined in Rule 126 Road Rules 2014 (NSW). It is referred to as the “keeping a safe distance between vehicles” rule.

Under this rule, you must keep a sufficient distance behind the vehicle in front of you. You must have enough time so that, if necessary, you can brake and take action to avoid a collision.

The proper distance for drivers is usually referred to as a “2 second” or “3 second” rule. You should keep a distance of between 2-3 seconds of time between you and the car in front of you. This gives you plenty of time to react in a dangerous situation.

While you may not think that tailgating is a serious offence compared to other offences like driving under the influence, you’d be wrong. 

If you are cited for failing to keep the proper distance between your vehicle and another vehicle, the current NSW penalty for tailgating is $448, as well as 3 demerit points. This is nearly the same penalty as exceeding the speed limit by 20-30 km/h, which carries a $455 fine and 4 demerit points.

So, to keep yourself and other drivers safe – and avoid potentially hefty fines and penalties – you should never tailgate another driver, even if they cut you off, make a dangerous move in traffic, or do something else that may anger you while driving. Stay calm and proceed driving normally – tailgating is not worth the risk or the fines! 

What Should I Do If I’m Being Tailgated?

Stay calm, and let the tailgater pass you. Move out of their way by pulling over or turning left, allowing them to pass. You should not slow down, flash your brake lights, or do anything else that may further anger an aggressive driver. 

If the tailgater is following you or seems extremely aggressive, you may want to call the police to report the driver, if possible, or call the business to which the vehicle belongs (if applicable) so that appropriate action can be taken. 

Know What The Tailgating Laws Are In NSW – And Do Not Fall Victim To Road Rage!

Tailgating is illegal in NSW, and carries serious penalties. So keep calm and collected while driving. Follow safe driving practices, and never engage in tailgating behaviour. If you’re being tailgated, allow the tailgater to pass you by pulling over or turning.

Taking these simple actions will help ensure that you stay safe while driving, and that you avoid any potential fines or fees for tailgating. For more tips about staying safe while driving, book a lesson with one of the professional instructors at LTrent Driving School.

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