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How to Do 3 Point Turn

How to Do 3 Point Turn | LTrent Driving School Blog Whether you are preparing for your driving test or just want to brush up on your knowledge, knowing how to perform a three point turn is an essential skill. It’s also one of the most common manoeuvres you will be asked to perform during your practical driving test together with parallel parking.

Here are the steps you need to take to do a three point turn safely.

What Is a Three Point Turn?

If you are going in the right direction and you don’t have enough space for an U-turn, then a three point turn is your best option if you want to turn safely.

A three point turn is a manoeuvre that allows you to turn your vehicle by turning the steering wheel and moving the car three times (hence the name.)

It’s a difficult and hazardous manoeuvre that requires the driver to go to the other side of the road and reverse the car to get it straight again. Throughout this, it will require checking both sides of the road and indicating. Add to it the fact that you need to drive in the opposite lane and in the opposite direction to complete the manoeuvre, and you understand why it’s critical to be able to perform a three point turn safely.

How to Do a Three Point Turn

  • Pull Over the Left Side of the Street

Before you do a three point turn, make sure to check for traffic and double check your blind spots to ensure you have plenty of room to perform the manoeuvre safely.

  • Turn the Steering Wheel to the Right

After you’ve ensured that there are no road users, signal and turn the steering wheel all the way to the right. Then turn across the road to the kerb on the other side without touching the kerb.

  • Turn the Steering Wheel All the Way to the Left

Next, check the roadway to the right and left. Look over the left shoulder, turning the wheels to the left and while in reverse gears proceed back as far as necessary to be able to clear the kerb on the next forward movement.

  • Turn the Steering Wheel Right and Straighten the Car

Turn the steering wheel right again to straighten the vehicle, check for traffic and proceed into the correct lane.

Preparing for a Three Point Turn for Your Driving Test

The testing officer will likely ask you to perform a three point turn during your test. Practice as often as possible to get comfortable with the manoeuvre. During the test, take your time, checking your mirrors and the traffic frequently. The testing officer doesn’t care how fast you turn, but if you do it correctly and safely.

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