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How To Change Lanes

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A set procedure is used for lane changing. You must slow down or stop if necessary according to the traffic that has the right-of-way.
The procedure to change lanes is:

  1. Check Mirrors: If the way is not clear, the change cannot be made. Remember an early decision is needed.
  2. Signal: Signal to the appropriate side. Give a 4-second warning to the other vehicles.
  3. Check blind spot: This is only a quick, over-the-shoulder, final check. The initial decision to change is made from the mirror.
  4. Change lanes: Do not commence moving until vision is directed forward. Gradually drift into the selected lane and cancel the signal. Quick steering wheel movements are not needed.

When changing lanes, do not reduce your speed unless necessary. This increases the degree of difficulty as the following vehicles catch up more quickly.
NOTE: you have NO  right of way when changing lanes

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