How Does a Safety Driving Course Help You Reduce Risk | LTrent

How Does a Safety Driving Course Help You Reduce Risk

How Does a Safety Driving Course Help You Reduce Risk | LTrent Driving School

Safer driving courses are designed to enable learner drivers to sharpen their skills and refine their understanding of what it means to be a safe driver on Australia’s roads. After completing this course, drivers will gain the knowledge they need to identify and anticipate common road risks, making them a safer driver through safe driving behaviours.

From learning how to handle bad weather conditions to developing the ability to identify and react to hazards on the road rapidly, a safety driving course will teach learner drivers everything they need to know to minimise the risks they face on the road. Here are some of the key advantages of taking a Safer Drivers Course.

Learn Good Habits

Safety driving courses are designed to enable any learner driver to pick up the good road habits they need to graduate to becoming a safe provisional driver. Any driving course will teach drivers the basics of how to operate their vehicles safely, but a safety driving course takes things a step further and teaches advanced safety skills that most courses won’t cover.

Without the right guidance, drivers are prone to developing bad habits. Without anyone to correct these habits as they arise and steer drivers in the right direction, they will end up becoming entrenched and difficult to shake. A safety driving course will discourage these bad habits and replace them with the proper driving techniques learners need to develop to stay safe.

For example, a safety driving course will make simple things like learning to pay attention to other drivers and maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles second nature. After developing and practising good habits, drivers will be able to stick to them without thinking. They will also learn to give the road their full attention and avoid common distractions inside and outside their vehicles.

Learn How to Handle Different Road Conditions

The road can be an unpredictable place. Knowing how to drive competently is one thing, but this in itself won’t prepare you for the varying conditions you will face on the open road. For people who have to travel frequently, learning to adapt their driving style to suit different road conditions is essential. A safety driving course will reduce the risk that drivers face when driving in unfamiliar territory.

A defensive driving course will also prepare drivers for dealing with unexpected bad weather conditions. Many learner drivers severely underestimate the difference that poor weather conditions can make to their driving experience. Bad weather makes vehicles harder to control and increases the chances of an accident.

Learn Advanced Driving Skills

Safety driving courses won’t teach learners how to drift or drive like stuntmen, but they will teach more advanced driving skills than a regular driving course. These advanced driving techniques are crucial for reacting promptly to unexpected hazards.

They will also give drivers a much more in-depth understanding of the physics that underpins accelerating, cornering, and other everyday driving scenarios. By teaching students about the mechanics underlying these manoeuvres, safety driving courses enable students to handle them much more efficiently.

Safety driving courses are an excellent option for any learner driver who still feels apprehensive about driving on public roads. A better understanding of what safe driving means gives many learners newfound confidence in their abilities. As a bonus, learners who complete this course can add 20 hours to their logbook. Contact us today to book your place on a Safer Drivers Course.

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