How To Overcome Your Nervousness During A Driving Test | LTrent

How To Overcome Your Nervousness During A Driving Test

How To Overcome Your Nervousness During A Driving Test | LTrent Driving School Blog

Driving test nerves are common. Once you’re sitting next to a driving examiner and are about to head out onto the road, even the most confident drivers may feel nervous and scared – and this can lead to mistakes and missteps that may result in failing the test.

So, how can you calm your nerves during your test and feel confident? Here are a few tips and suggestions from LTrent Driving School.

1. Prepare For The Day Of Your Test Appropriately

Pre-test, make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Avoid caffeine, and drink plenty of water. Make sure you’ve used the bathroom. Get all the paperwork and documents you need in order.

These simple steps help ease your mind and ensure that you can focus on your test – not on other things that may distract you during the driving test itself.

2. Practice Good Driving Habits As You Learn And Gain Experience

When learning to drive with friends and family, always listen to their feedback and input, and practice good driving habits, like always indicating when turning, following the speed limit, slowing and stopping for emergency vehicles, and so on.

The way you drive when you practice is the way you’ll drive during your test. So, by maintaining good driving habits as you learn, you’ll reduce the risk of making common mistakes and errors during your test.

In contrast, if you tend to speed, do not indicate properly, and have other bad driving habits, these will follow you into the test and may cause you to fail.

3. Review The Road Rules & Make Sure You Always Follow Them

Even if you feel good about your knowledge of the road rules in NSW or VIC, it can be helpful to review them. Understanding the law and how it applies to driving will help you make decisions more effectively when driving for your test – and can help you avoid accidentally breaking the rules during the exam itself.

4. Work With A Driving Instructor To Prepare For Your Test

A driving instructor can take you around the test centre of your choice to practice driving in the area and familiarise yourself with the routes you may take.

During your driving lessons, your instructor can even perform a mock test. These mock driving tests help them analyse your driving skill, notice mistakes, and provide you with advice on overcoming common missteps during the test.

You can also focus on individual problem areas with a driving instructor, such as parallel parking, highway driving, and more. This helps you build your confidence before you have to take your test.

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While you can definitely pass your driving exam without taking lessons from an instructor, working with a pro is one of the best ways to build your confidence, your knowledge, and your driving skills.

So if you’re nervous about your upcoming driving test, LTrent Driving School is here to help. With our test prep lessons, you can build your knowledge, skills, and confidence – and feel prepared on test day! Book online to get started. LTrent Driving School also offer the Safer Drivers Course.

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