How Can I Drive Safely In Traffic? | LTrent Driving School Blog

How Can I Drive Safely In Traffic? Our Top Tips And Advice For Safe Driving

How Can I Drive Safely In Traffic? Our Top Tips And Advice For Safe Driving | LTrent Driving School Blog

Driving in heavy traffic – like during rush hour on the highway or in the central business district – can be really intimidating for new drivers. How can you maintain road safety during heavy traffic? In this article, LTrent Driving School will look at a few tips and explain how to drive defensively, even during heavy traffic.

1. Make Sure You’re Paying Attention To The Car In Front Of You

First, make sure you always pay attention to the car in front of you. Heavy traffic often means interruptions in the flow of traffic, like frequent stops and starts.

The car in front of you may brake suddenly, so you need to keep some distance between their vehicle and your car to ensure you have enough reaction time to respond. A gap of at least 3 seconds is typically recommended.

2. Be Patient – Impatient Drivers Are Unsafe Drivers

If the flow of traffic is slow, that’s too bad. There’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t feel frustrated, and don’t do things like frequently try to change lanes to speed up and pass other cars. You and the other drivers are all sharing the road together. Be patient. Impatient drivers are unsafe and unpredictable, and this can lead to accidents.

3. Pay Attention To Lane Markings, Stop Signs, Red Lights & Other Road Elements

Being aware of your surroundings is important in traffic. Stay alert, and pay attention to the road. This helps you stay in the proper lane, obey posted speed limits, and drive defensively even during heavy traffic.

4. Don’t Get Distracted

It’s tempting to daydream or fiddle with the radio, or even illegally use your mobile phone while sitting in traffic. Avoid temptation. Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings. Distractions can lead to an accident – and mobile phone usage results in serious penalties for all drivers including learner and provisional drivers if you’re caught.

5. Prepare For Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather is a common cause of traffic slowdowns. Make sure to take proper precautions if it’s rainy or visibility is poor. Avoid driving at higher speeds, keep more distance between your car and other vehicles.

6. Take Common Sense Safety Precautions

Always wear your seat belt. Never drive under the influence. Obey posted speed limits. Check your blind spots and mirrors when merging. Always use your turn signals. Taking these common sense safety precautions helps you drive more safely and more predictably, even during heavy traffic.

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