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Rules For Learner Drivers

Rules For Learner Drivers | Ltrent Driving School | Blog

The Most Important Things To Know

If you’re a learner driver and you’re looking to take your driving test, you may be wondering what rules you need to follow while you learn to drive and record hours in your log book. Find out some of the most important rules that apply to drivers with a learner licence below!

Only Drive Cars

On a learner license, you can only drive cars, defined as having a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of under 4.5 tonnes (which also includes most utes).

You Must Be Supervised By The Holder Of A Full Australian Driver Licence

Your supervising driver must not have a provisional licence. They must have a full driver licence, and be fully able to drive a car on their own.

Display L Plates On Your Vehicle

You must display L plates (which have a black L on a yellow background or orange background) clearly when driving your vehicle. They can be placed on the front or outside of the vehicle, or you can place an L sign on the roof while you drive. The L must not be hidden, and must be in plain view.

Observe Posted Speed Limits, Do Not Drive Above 90 km/h

You must follow all road rules and only drive under the posted speed limits. In addition, it is not allowed for learner drivers to exceed a speed of 90 km/h, even in areas where the posted limit is higher.

Do Not Tow Other Vehicles

It is not lawful for a driver with a learning permit to tow any other vehicle.

Do Not Drive Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol

As you probably know from your driver knowledge test preparation studies, it’s illegal for anyone to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Doing so may result in immediate revocation of your learning permit.

Do Not Supervise Other Learner Drivers

At no time, are you allowed to supervise other learner drivers. Learner drivers always must be supervised by another fully-licensed driver.

Make Sure All Passengers Can Be Properly Seated In The Vehicle

You can only carry passengers that fit properly into your car. In other words, every passenger must be completely seated and restrained, either by a seat belt or an approved child restraint.

Do Not Drive A Vehicle That Lacks A Seat Belt & Wear The Seat Belt

You cannot drive a car that lacks a seat belt. You must wear your seat belt when driving at all times.

Do Not Use Your Mobile Phone

You cannot use your mobile phone while driving or stopped but not parked. This is including hands free devices and the use of your loud speaker, if applicable.

Do Not Drive In Centennial Park Or Parramatta Park (Sydney Only)

It is unlawful for holders of a learning permit to drive in either of these parks, as they are very difficult driving environments that are dangerous and challenging for new drivers.

Demerit Points Apply To Learner Drivers

Whilst on your learner’s license, if you reach (or exceed) 4 demerit points on your licence in a three-year period, your licence will be suspended. Make sure to follow the rules of the road!

Know What Rules Apply To Learner Drivers In NSW!

The above rules are the most important for learner drivers in NSW to follow. So make sure you follow the law while you get your 120 hours of driving experience – and avoid demerits, fines and other such issues!

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