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Tips for Driving In the Rain

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Driving in the rain can be particularly hazardous due to reduced visibility, slick road surfaces, and unpredictable traffic conditions. These challenges can be even more stressful for learner drivers. For over 50 years, LTrent has helped learners gain their licences and build essential defensive driving skills. With this extensive expertise, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate wet weather safely, whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner preparing for a driving test in the rain.

Let’s dive into these crucial safety tips to ensure you stay safe, keep control, and remain calm while driving in heavy rain.

LTrent’s Top Tips for Driving Safely in the Rain

1. Stay Alert

Driving in heavy rain demands your full attention on the road and traffic around you. Stay vigilant about pedestrians, motorcyclists, and other road users who can be challenging to spot through the rain. Maintaining high awareness will help you avoid accidents and stay safe.

2. Ensure You Are Visible

Limited visibility is a significant concern while driving in the rain, especially at night. Turn on your headlights to see and be seen, and wipe dirt off your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and taillights. These measures ensure that your vehicle remains visible to others on wet roads.

3. Avoid Driving Through Puddles

Puddles might seem harmless, but they could be concealing deep holes or debris. Driving through them could damage your vehicle’s electrical system and leave you stranded. Avoid puddles to maintain good road safety and prevent costly repairs.

4. Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens when your tires lose contact with the road surface due to water buildup, causing your vehicle to slide uncontrollably. To reduce the risk of hydroplaning:

  • Drive at a reduced speed in heavy rain, especially within the first few minutes.
  • Follow in the tracks of the vehicle in front.
  • Avoid sudden manoeuvres and steer gently.
  • If hydroplaning happens, keep your foot off the accelerator and gently brake to regain control.

5. Maintain a Safe Distance

Increase the distance between your car and the vehicle in front to at least five seconds. This extended stopping distance gives you ample time to react if the car in front suddenly brakes or hydroplanes. Maintaining a safe distance is vital to prevent collisions.

6. Don’t Brake Suddenly

Sudden braking can lead to hydroplaning or a loss of control. Instead, brake smoothly and gradually to help your vehicle stop safely and maintain traction.

7. Watch Out!

Be cautious of road debris such as fallen tree branches or other hazardous objects. Avoid sharp turns that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

8. Ensure Your Windscreen is Clear

Wet conditions can quickly fog up your windscreen, limiting your view. Activate the defogger or use the air conditioner on cold to keep the windscreen clear. Functional windscreen wipers are essential for driving in the rain, so replace them if they’re worn out.

9. Stay Posted

Stay updated on road closures, accidents, and traffic delays through traffic updates on the radio or online. Plan your journey accordingly to avoid unnecessary delays and choose the safest routes.

10. Allow Extra Travel Time

Rain slows traffic and often results in accidents or road closures. Allow for extra travel time to account for these delays and ensure a safer, less stressful journey.


Driving in the rain requires careful planning and cautious driving to stay safe. Reduce your speed, maintain a safe distance, and adjust your driving style according to weather conditions. Share these helpful tips with your loved ones to keep them safe, too.

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